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Reasons Why You Should Switch from Paper to Plastic Business Cards

by Uneeb Khan
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Paper business cards are no doubt cheaper than plastic cards. That is the reason why most businesses use paper cards. But if you are a business owner, ask yourself, why do you need a business card in the first place?

In this era of smartphones, it has been extremely easy to share contact information. You can simply text it. Or, your clients can visit your website and gather all the information they need. So, why do you need a business card?

Exchanging business cards has always been a way to generate business. The primary intent of using a business card is to convince potential customers to call back, thus, maximizing the chances of conversion.

So, when handing out your business card, make sure it is designed in such a manner that it impresses the recipient. Handing out a paper card hardly works in impressing your potential customers. On the other hand, a plastic card has the wow factor attached to them.

So, if you are a business owner, you’ll do well if you switch to plastic business cards. And if you are looking for excellent business card printing, you can always turn to us for the finest cards.

Now, let’s get into what makes plastic business cards so sought-after marketing products and why you should switch to one.

The Look is Premium

Plastic business cards look and feel premium. If your customer is sifting through a sea of paper business cards and taking no attention to them, you can be sure they will stop at yours when you make your business card from plastic. The look and feel along with the design will immediately capture your potential customer’s attention.

Apart from that, colors look vibrant on plastic cards. So, exchanging a plastic card can be a great conversation starter. A conversation that starts as just a curiosity can end in a lasting business relationship.

They Last Longer

Paper cards lose their shine and wear out over time. In contrast, a plastic business card lasts much longer. So, how does this help?

Imagine a customer with four or five business cards offering the same service. After four months he needs the service and remembers that he has got those cards. But when he takes out the cards all the paper ones are worn out and the one card made from plastic still shines.

Now, you decide which group you would like to fall into. If you use paper business cards, they will wear away over time and you’ll lose potential customers. On the other hand, when you use plastic business cards, people will not only store them but you can get a business opportunity over them.


In contrast to paper cards, plastic business cards are much more customizable. They can be made transparent or translucent, for example. When you design a transparent business card that can make a card look appealing and attention-grabbing. And this facility is available only if you choose a plastic business card.

NFC Compatible

Plastic runs quite well with technology and one way to show your customers that your company is using the latest of technologies is by including an NFC chip. By using this chip customers can gain all the updated information just by scanning the card with their smartphones or any NFC device. But you can’t do this on paper cards. Paper has no such advantage where you can add chips.

Using an NFC integrated business card can not only depict your business as a tech-savvy organization but adds value to your overall business image.

These are the reasons why you should go for a plastic card rather than a paper one. Plastic cards not only grab the attention of the recipients but also is a great way to build your brand. So, opt for plastic business card printing and grow your business today.

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