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Problems In Import of Windows And Doors

by Uneeb Khan

The import associated issues are almost the same around the world which need to faced by the business people globally because those issues are normal in the industry but it is possible some face all of them and some will face few from them but issues identification will remain same especially in the doors and windows sectors.

With concern to the import, many problems can be the highlight but the main are as follows which need to control for smooth and faster process.

Communication barriers

Import refers to the business between two countries it could be the nearest country or could be the far country which means a change of culture, way of talking, behavior and the style of speaking, for some nation ethics and code of conduct matters a lot and for some nations only need to talk for business is enough.

So many deals stop or break due to language barriers because both sides do not understand the actual problem or issue in the communication, both sides consider that way of talking and reacting is not good but not understand that, this is the cultural difference and in that their way of talking is right.

Quality Problem

The quality issue is the big issue in the international trade because it is also very risky what goods you are sending and in which condition and its condition will remain same till customer door, many times it happens customer to ship the different quality and reached destination totally different quality which is dangerous.

Most of the time selected quality is hurt by the weather bad conditions which cause huge damage to doors and windows quality. 

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Delay in shipments

The delay in shipment for the international shipment is like a trend the shipper and the seller always come up with different kinds of stories like delay in raw material, delay in production due to labor not being available, audit issues, rejection in internal quality control, no shipping line available, hold by customs and many more.

The issues are issues and delay mean excuse, but it is not same every time some time the reason is real and need to understand by the importer or the buyer even may it cause some loss as well.

Long order Processing time

The long order processing time reflects too many reasons like, other buyers paying more money to the seller that’s why their order is a priority at another hand some genuine issues also can be associated with the long order processing time which could be related to the raw material and other overhead problems.

Long shipping voyage

The main issue is the long shipping voyage which means so many transshipments can possible or it is also possible some shipping dyestuff your cargo at any port and forget to carry it again which cause more time, sometimes the vessel face issue in transit like hurricanes and internal faults which cause a long time also.

Chances of fraud

In the international business chances of fraud always at its peak because in that trade huge money involved and with smart fraud can avail big amount which is some good charm for the bad companies who are working as a manufacturer of doors and windows but actually that is not the limit some time that fraud not allow to stand again.

Changes in taxation and rules

It happens most of the time in the international trade when select product and place order at that time taxation is different but when goods arrive at port rules and taxation become more change sometimes in favor and some time out of favor which is too risky also but it’s the part due to country-to-country trade in which times matter a lot.

High chances of damage

In the international trade, many media of handling and loading and unloading involve which means the selected product quality will be compromised as it touches too many locations and handling, in terminal handlings wrong handling also can cause huge damage to goods and within sea transit due to change in weather can be affected also.

Wrong Documentation

The correct document is the part of good international trade but if they made wrong so it means huge loss and waste of time, because it needs to much time and money for the correction and without proper correction in all documents import of goods and its clearance not possible from the port and customs which can be a big issue.

The correction time of every document is different from others which means the calculation of actual time loss is not possible it could be changed from country to country and department to department as well.

Transportation issue

The transportation availability is a big issue during strikes and the season which can cause a delay in the whole delivery and can hurt whole local planning as well which could not be controllable with normal handling for that extra advance planning need which can control all the things according to the time frame.

Shipping issue

The shipping the authority who take your goods and deliver it to the destination but if they are not taking cargo so the exporter and seller also can’t do anything because they have their own rules and regulation some time due to extra safety matters, they do not accept the fragile and dangerous items with them.

High cost

When import plan made mostly cost analysis check before the ordering but that cost not always same as estimate many times it found more than the decided cost because many factors associated with that so when do an import of doors and windows from the Cortech make sure to check the cost and its variants as well.


The import problems mostly remain the same in all countries because it is part of the business but for the Cortech export business, it is mandatory to look after the export process more strongly to control maximum issues as listed above to get more customers globally with the best services.

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