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Private & Public Hire insurance for your business-Protect my Taxi

by Jan Sher
Private & Public hire insurance

Private & Public Hire insurance  is required when you work in the transportation bussines of carrying people. Finding the best taxi insurance at an affordable price is essential because cab drivers must have a fully functional vehicle. If you work in a high-risk postcode or have claims on your record or driving offenses on your license, that can be challenging.

Our expertise is in finding cover for even the most peculiar circumstances. We partner with top UK insurers to offer policies at a great value to taxi drivers who find it difficult to acquire inexpensive coverage elsewhere. As a result, we can also provide coverage for drivers who operate in high-risk regions and those whose insurance policies have been revoked in the past.

What helps to distinguish between private & public hire insurance?

The primary distinction between public hire and private hire taxis is that a passenger using a public hire taxi does not need to make a reservation in advance because public hire drivers are authorized to pick up people on the street. A private hire taxi, on the other hand, must be reserved in advance or contracted from a taxi booking agency or an internet service like Uber.

Public hire taxis can frequently be found in taxi ranks outside of train stations, bus terminals, airports, and other city center places. Although they might be regular saloon automobiles, MPVs, or executive style cars, they are frequently black cabs or hackney carriages.

Private-hire cabs are prohibited from using taxi ranks, and Private hire cabs are not allowed to use the taxi ranks or be flagged down by passing customers. Pre-booking is required for each fare picked up.

Is there a distinction between Uber and private hire taxis?

As private hire taxi drivers, local authorities license Uber taxis and other ride-sharing drivers. As a result, they are required to display specific plates just like any other taxi.

Therefore, private hire taxi insurance and Uber taxi insurance are virtually the same. It is crucial to get your insurance set up by a specialized broker because not all taxi insurance providers will cover Uber drivers.

It’s essential to keep in mind that neither Uber taxi drivers nor private hire drivers are authorized to pick up passengers randomly before any official booking. As all passenger-carrying journeys must be pre-booked for all trips, it is vital to keep in mind that neither Uber taxi drivers nor private hire drivers are licensed to pick up people from the street or use taxi ranks.

Additionally, only public-hire taxi drivers are permitted to transport clients who have flagged down a cab on the street or are waiting at a taxi stand.

Both private hire and public hire vehicles can use our taxi insurance solutions. Along with classic saloon cars, we can cover black cabs, minibuses, and hackney carriages. We just expanded our selection of goods by including insurance for Uber drivers.

Why you should choose to Protect My Taxi

We can provide you with quotes for a variety of insurance options because we work with a large panel of taxi insurance brokers and providers. We can provide you with quotes on a variety of private & public hire insurance solutions offering as much or as little cover as you require thanks to our affiliation with a sizable panel of taxi insurance providers. To assist you in spreading the expense of your insurance coverage, we can also provide flexible monthly payment plans.

The added protection of legal expenses covers, public liability, personal accident, breakdown cover, windscreen repair, and even employers’ liability policy can be provided to you by a pleasant, highly qualified team of consultants. You have the option of requesting a callback from our staff at a time that works for you or get an online estimate from us. It has never been simpler to locate taxi insurance cheap.

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