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Peninsula in Dubai

by Uneeb Khan

If you’re looking to buy property in Dubai, head for the Peninsula in Dubai. This area is one of the fastest growing regions in Dubai with more people moving in to take advantage of the growing economy. It’s also an incredibly convenient place to live. Peninsula in Dubai has everything you could ever need: a beach, mountains, desert and a business centre right on water! Here are some of the most popular properties for sale and rent in Dubai:

A Palm on a Palm – This is the Palm on a Palm, or UAE’s largest private beach. The beach is perfect for families, singles and couples who want a private beach and plenty of space. The Palm has soft sand and is less crowded than other beaches in Dubai. Due to its popularity, there are already several businesses operating on the beach. They offer water sports and other services to visitors.

The Palm on a Man-made Peninsula – This area was left behind when Dubai was built and includes man-made palm oil plantations. It has now become one of the hottest areas to invest in real estate, especially if you have the money to pay for special zones like the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The Palm on a Man-made Peninsula in Dubai is made out of artificial turf, making it look like part of the desert. Real estate here will definitely appreciate in the coming years as the demand for real estate increases.

Golfing Destination –

Dubai is the perfect place for those who love playing golf. The Peninsula in Dubai hosts some of the best golf courses in the world. If you are planning to spend your first time in Dubai, this is the place to go. This golfing destination considered as the most expensive, beautiful diverse golfing destination in the world. The beautiful surroundings, the luxurious golf courses, the luxurious hotels, friendly inhabitants, etc are main factors that have contributed to the growing popularity of the Peninsula in Dubai.

Most Important Attributes – The facilities offered by the Peninsula in Dubai are above par. Most important amongst these is the five star hotel which offers luxurious accommodation. Moreover, the facilities offered by this resort are exceptional in nature. The general manager of the Golf Club called Desert Course, claims that the golfing destination in Dubai has everything required for an exhilarating experience.

The Desert Course at Peninsula

In Dubai features an 18-hole golf course, an enclosure, an irrigation system, water tower, a swimming pool, sand traps and many other facilities. The Desert Course surrounded by lush oasis that offers an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. The golf course is constructed with a terrace that surrounded by lush greenery. The quelle also features three championship courses; one each for men, women and children.

The Burj Khalifa Resort is another popular attraction in Downtown Dubai. The hotels that are located in close proximity to the Burj Khalifa resort are Burj Al Arab, Convention Center Hotel, Emirates Tower Hotel and Madinat Jumeirah Hotel. This makes the golf courses at Peninsula in Dubai very unique in nature.

The man made peninsula is called the man-made quelle and is known for its turquoise-blue water. The lagoon is known for its silver and white fish and the quelle is well protected by the Dubai authorities.

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