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Painting contractors – What to look for when hiring a residential painter?

by Uneeb Khan

Painting companies come from all walks of life and have different styles and techniques when painting a home or business. When hiring a local residential painter Sydney, always ask questions regardless of what someone else has told you. Ask for references about recent painting jobs so you can verify the work done and not get stuck with a part of the project you could have done yourself for much less money.

Types of painting contractors.

Residential painting contractors that specialize in interior and exterior painting. Commercial painting companies that specialize in larger projects like large commercial buildings, office buildings, and large multi-family complexes like apartment buildings. Sydney Painters specialize in custom painting with unique textures.

Prices you can expect to pay

When calculating the cost of painting your home or property, you’ll need to use these numbers as a guide. Typically, one gallon of paint covers an area of about 400 square feet, which is equivalent to a wall space of a small bedroom. A normal 3000 square foot home will require about 15 gallons of paint, ranging from $10.00 per gallon to $40.00 per gallon for better paint. Keep in mind this does not include the paint for the trim work which would cost you another $80.00 to $320.00 for just the paint alone.

The labor cost of hiring a contractor usually costs between 70-80% of the total painting project, mainly because of the time and labor to prepare the house, move furniture, and clean up after the job is finished that the local painting professional will have to include in their cost when they give you a quote.

We always recommend getting at least 2-3 quotes from painting contractors so you can make sure the prices are honest and reasonable. Another rule of thumb is to be wary if one of the quotes is too cheap. Usually, pricing will be consistent within a few hundred dollars unless someone is either out on the bid or the other painters are trying to make a few extra bucks on the job.

How to find a local painting contractor

When looking for a painting contractor in your area, you have many options. You can search the Yellow Pages, the Super Pages, Google Local Business listings on the Internet, or newspapers of painters who advertise in the nearest local paper.

There are also many websites where you can find painters in your area by simply searching the internet for a painter in your area.

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