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Numberwala is an Online Platform that Delivers VIP Number to Your Door

by Uneeb Khan
Online Sim Delivery Platform

Numberwala is an e-commerce portal through which Prepaid SIM and Postpaid SIM can be bought and indeed acquiring a VIP Mobile Number is done online Easily and skillfully. 

The Numberwala is a one-stop destination where all the issues are answered through exhaustively laid and emphasized addendum procedures. also, Numberwala seeks to give the service of SIM Home Delivery to make the procedure salutary and time-saving. Along with that, the guests can bespeak the Tata Sky New Connection through the functionary point. 

Our Core Services

Our Core Services

 1. Prepaid New Connection 

If you want an easy option to change your connection plan according to your need. When you buy a Prepaid SIM Card, you’re needed to choose a plan from a plethora of options given in Numberwala and can use the benefits according to the plan’s validity. 

2. Postpaid New Connection 

 Forgetting when the plan is about to end is a form of displeasure not numerous of us want to witness. That’s why you should buy a Postpaid SIM Card. With this, you can profit from the connection still you want and pay the bill at the end of the month. 

 3. Port Number 

 The aspect of Mobile Number Portability provides the client with the freedom to elect the connection that matches their views. Through our services, you can Port Mobile figures to one of our telecom service providers with ease. 

4. Fancy Mobile Number/ VIP Mobile Number

Want to get a new connection but are afraid that you don’t have the zeal to devote yourself to the time commitment? Visit our website to Order an Online VIP Mobile Number

 Our Partner’s/ Telecom Service Providers 

We aim to give you the most stylish of telecom services available in the country. presently, Numberwala has started uniting with the leading telecom services to ground the gap between you and the providers. Following are mentioned the names of the mates we’re presently working with. 

  • Airtel 
  • Jio 
  • Vi( Vodafone Idea) 
  • BSNL 

Our USP’s/Benefits of ordering from Numberwala 

 One of our major focuses is furnishing you with unequaled services from numerous times in every possible way. Following are some of the major benefits of using our services. 

  • One of our motives is to deliver the sim card in 2 hours. 
  • We aim to lessen the burden from your shoulder by furnishing you with a fluently accessible, time- saving system for getting a new sim. 
  • Rather than standing in line to get your KYC approved, you can get it done online after you Buy SIM Online from Numberwala. 
  • When you buy a SIM Card Online from Numberwala, you’ll get the moment option of getting paperless activation. 
  • We’ve collected all the drivers under one roof, making it easier for you to compare plans and also analytically choose the stylish option suited for your purpose. 

 One of our major fancies is to deliver you with lucid payment styles. We’ve generated secure payment styles, including COD, for your convenience. 

 Way to buying a new sim card 

 To Buy New Connection Online via Numberwala, you have to follow the way written below. 

  •  Log in to the sanctioned website of Numberwala 
  •  Select from 
  •  Elect from 

 – prepaid connection 


 Postpaid connection 

  • Still, select the option of “ port” from the tab, If you want to port your number. 
  • You can also choose to have the personality Number by clicking on the other tab. 
  • Then, you can compare the tariffs and plans offered by different drivers and choose one depending on your demand. 
  • still, you can choose from the ensuing options, 
  • If it’s for a prepaid sim card.
  • Airtel Prepaid SIM 
  • Jio prepaid SIM 
  • Vi SIM 
  • BSNL Prepaid SIM 

The delivery option for the postpaid sim card is the same. 

  •  Fill in your details and the preferred time niche for delivery of the card. 
  •  Tap on the “ place order ” button, and voila! 

 Representatives from Numberwala will be present at your preferred time niche to finalize the deal and finish the needed KYC formalities. 

 Way to Port Number Online 

The conventional Porting Process needed one to visit stores. still, the hustle and bustle of diurnal life have kept us abstaining from sharing in similar conditioning. In Numberwala, you can make the Porting way comparatively easier from the comfort of your home. The following is about how to harborage numbers using Numberwala. 

  • For MNP or mobile number portability, you first have to induce the porting law. Form a textbookSMS_PORT< mobile number> in this format and shoot it to 1900. A porting law for the Port Number will be transferred to you. 
  • Now, you have to log in to the functionary point of Numberwala. 
  • Elect the connection type. You’ll get the ensuing options. 
  • Port to Airtel 
  • Port to Jio 
  • Port to Vi 
  • Port to Idea 
  • Port to Vodafone 
  •  Place your order with Port Number Online. 
  •  You’ll be needed to partake in the porting law and needed documents. 

The number will be ported to your preferred connection in three days. still, to spark the connection, you have to follow the verification instruction. 

Availability/ Cities

The Numberwala family has extended its reach to 8 major mega-cities of the countries. In other words, you can take advantage of the expansive features handed by our service of Fancy Number In Delhi, Noida, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Faridabad, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad. 

 Final Words 

Numberwala is an India- grounded e-commerce gate that focuses on syncopating the distance between you and your connectivity conditions. Emphasizing the conception of “ ditty for original, ” the Numberwala seeks to promote Indian entrepreneurship while fulfilling severance gaps. 

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