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My phone has been lost or stolen, how do I lock my phone or IMEI?

by Uneeb Khan

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the unique fingerprint of each mobile phone, that is, the number that identifies it. This code allows you to identify your terminal in case of theft and gives you the possibility to block it.

If you still have your mobile

Before your mobile is stolen, you can obtain your IMEI in several ways:

  • To know the IMEI of your mobile you can dial the code * # 06 # on your keyboard. The IMEI will appear on the screen of your terminal.
  • In some terminals it may appear in the menu information under the heading “About phone”.
  • The code is also found on the surface of the terminal under the battery. To look at it you must remove the battery and locate the place on the mobile where it was until you find a series of stickers with the IMEI printed on it.


If you can make use of this tip before a terminal is stolen, it may be useful to save your IMEI so that you can recover it if necessary:

  • You can take a photo of the IMEI or write it down in a document and send it to your regular email. This way you will have the locatable IMEI if necessary.

If your mobile has been stolen

If your phone has already been stolen, the above methods will obviously not work for you, but you can still get the IMEI:

  • In the original box of your mobile
  • And on your Orange purchase invoice .

Lock my stolen mobile with IMEI

If you want to block your phone, ask us by calling 1470 if you are a private customer or 1471 if you are a business customer.

We recommend that you first make sure that you cannot recover it. The reason is that the blocking and subsequent unblocking is not immediate; As all operators are involved, not just Orange, it may take more than 2 months to complete and we want to make sure that if you recover it, you can use it immediately.

If you have recovered your mobile and had previously requested the phone lock (or IMEI lock), to be able to use it again, it is necessary to unlock it. Call us at 1470.

Before blocking, are you sure you’ve been robbed?

The reporting process can be cumbersome and can end up with your terminal being remotely locked so that no one can use it. So before starting this process, make sure that your terminal has really been stolen and you have not lost it in your own environment. To do this, we recommend that you use one of the automatic functions to track and locate your smartphone or tablet.

  • Android : terminals with this operating system can be easily tracked by the owner thanks to his Google account. You can locate your Smartphone from the web or with the equivalent app .
  • iOS : Apple terminals can be tracked thanks to the users’ iCloud account .

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