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Why Can iCustomBoxes Prove A Good Option for My Game Business?

by Uneeb Khan

We know how people are crazy about famous games like call of duty, God of war, Horizon zero dawn, etc. And also, some old games like dragons and GTA. All of these have been ruling the heart of game lovers so crazily that they don’t even think about playing other.

If you are introducing your new game, you should be superior to the others. Otherwise, you can never hit the ball against strong competitors. In that mission, don’t neglect the game box packaging, which is now a need of the time to impress today’s community. If you want to impress buyers through packaging, choose iCustomBoxes as a packaging partner.

iCustomBoxes is a world-class packaging company. And well-known for its excellent services, high-quality customization tools, and knowledgeable staff. Even the other packaging solution offers this, but two things set us apart from the competition: our strong, happy customer policies. Before proceeding with the order to the final stage, we give 110% to satisfy our customers in all possible ways.

Second, we offer premium quality at reasonable prices with no hidden fees. Furthermore, we provide seasonal discounts after a short period of time to assist you in economically stabilizing your business. Our premium packaging service strives for high customer retention. As a result, we offer a happy customer policy to both small and large businesses.

Get 100% satisfaction with a raw sampling kit:

Are you in doubt about our customer service? Want any proof? Of course, we can. You can get a free raw sampling kit from us with zero shipment charges. It consists of 7 to 10 boxes of different shapes, sizes, designs, materials, etc. You need to share a few pieces of information regarding your product. And the samples will be dispatched to your doorstep within 4 to 5 days.

After that, if you feel satisfied, you can proceed with your order by choosing any style from these sample boxes. Otherwise, you can customize the package with the assistance of iCustomBoxes customization experts.

How to customize the game box through a specified sample kit?

It is a straightforward procedure. You get complete control over the box customization with the assistance of our experts. For that, you need to choose all the specifications, for example, which color combo your want, which box material or style you want, etc.

After that, our customization experts console you if anything needs to be changed to help you invent the best custom box for your business. Then they create almost 4 to 5 boxes in physical form, delivering to your home within 12 to 16 business days. But you have to pay for production and shipment.

Guidelines about selecting the box material for the specified sample kit:

We provide cardboard, kraft, corrugated, and rigid material boxes for packaging. All of these are durable and customizable. For custom game boxes, here are a few guidelines.

• Corrugated material boxes:

The corrugated boxes are mainly used for shipment purposes. But you can use these boxes for complete game system packaging. They are durable and customizable in any shape and size. For extra thickness or durability, you can add flutes to them.

• Rigid material boxes:

If you want exclusive packaging, then rigid material boxes are perfect. They are incompressible and sturdy. And available in collapsible and non-collapsible forms. Unlike plastic, they are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

• Cardboard and kraft material boxes:

For the boxes for games accessories and parts, you can order kraft and cardboard material boxes. They are more economical than other packaging materials like rigid, tin, plastic, etc.

Two vital elements for 100% secure packaging for custom games boxes:

1. Keep the game parts intact with custom inserts:

The game accessories, like the disc screen, can crack or break inside the box during bumping while dispatching. But you can resist that happening by keeping custom inserts. They keep the product immobile and intact in its position because they can’t bump and move during dispatching. And your game box delivers securely to his destination. Here are the options.

  Kraft and cardboard inserts:

The kraft and cardboard inserts can be used in corrugated and rigid boxes. You can print them in any shade with PMS and CMYK color schemes.

  Simple foam inserts:

The foam inserts are more durable than the cardboard and kraft inserts. It creates cushion effects, and you can easily pull out your product because of its flexibility.

  Eva foam inserts:

Use EVA foam inserts if you want 100% exclusive packaging without budget issues. They are available in all shades.

2. Provide an extra layer of protection with laminations or coatings:

The custom inserts keep the inner product safe from bumping. And durable box material protects the internal products from external hazards. But what about the box protection? You can protect the box with lamination and coatings. They provide an extra layer of protection to elevate box durability for long-term use. Also

  • They save the box from getting wrinkled and crumbling with time.
  • They make the box perforation accessible because environmental factors like air, moisture, etc., can’t enter inside.
  • The laminations intensify the box grace and cover the printed design. As a result, it does not get fade due to UV rays.
  • They also protect the box surface from smudges, fingerprints, and scratches.

The laminations and coatings options for custom game boxes:

1. Gloss lamination

For a shiny, reflective finish, apply gloss lamination. It enhances the vibrancy of color shades due to shiny glare.

2. Matte lamination

For a dull, sophisticated finish, apply matte lamination. It balances the darker shades due to its luster property.

3. Spot UV

If you don’t want to coat the whole custom game box, use spot UV.

4. Aqueous coating

The aqueous coating is liquid-based. It gives a matte, gloss, stain, and soft touch.

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