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MIPS reporting options for 2023

by Uneeb Khan
MIPS reporting option for 2023

We have all known for a very long time that CMS has decided to start a new reporting structure under the QPP. Even the original MIPS framework has received a few changes to allow for fresh approaches of introduce this newer route. Therefore, there are currently three reporting alternatives available to all doctors who are participating in MIPS 2023. The most recent MIPS Value Pathways, which have a set of 12 finalized MVPs for MIPS reporting in Performance Year 2023, is one of these choices.

We will introduce you to this new MIPS gateway application right here in this blog. In the following year, we will sketch out a little bit of the shift from MIPS to MVPs.

The Recent Development in the MIPS Evolution Journey: MVPs

We are all aware that the Substantial Growth Rate legislation has been replaced with the Quality Payment Program. After that, in 2017, CMS unveiled its Merit-based Incentive Payment Program. All Medicare Part B claims at this time were initially covered by the Traditional MIPS and APM frameworks. These two have been specifically created to convert the existing system into a value-based particle system. CMS has coordinated the upcoming improvements to the MIPS programs to move things in the same direction. As a result, it occasionally finalized modifications to category weights and variable payment adjustment changes. However, a new reporting option for MIPS 2023 represents the largest change to the standard MIPS program. In addition to easing the cost of reporting, it is an optional alternative for MIPS reporting.

Why MIPS Value Pathways for Reporting under MIPS 2023?

Every metric and action that falls under a MIPS category is aligned and connected by MIPS Value Pathways. This will make MIPS performance reporting less complicated and burdensome. Eligible physicians will simultaneously have a method for setting up more relevant metrics and activities for a reasonably integrated care evaluation.

MVPs are associated with a particular medical condition or profession. Not only that, but it also makes it possible for MVP participants to report on a smaller selection of measurements and tasks than are offered by standard MIPS. Additionally, participants get better performance feedback from MVPs, and other physicians reporting inside the same MVP also get input.

The MIPS Value Pathways can result in improved health outcomes while also decreasing patient healthcare expenses. As a result, MVPs will assist us in achieving our goal of putting patients at the center of our work. Additionally, it provides comparison performance data to support patients’ decision-making.

Future of MVPs; Traditional MIPS to MIPS Value Pathways Transition Timeline

There have only ever been two QPP tracks: traditional MIPS and alternative payment model performance pathway (APP). The original MIPS program, however, will no longer be offered by CMS in the next years, most likely in 2027. The other track APP, however, is easily accessible to participants.

Anyhow, starting with MIPS 2023, CMS will use the MIPS Value Pathways as a Transition platform. As a result, through 2027, all MIPS reporting participants have the option to freely report using this platform. After a predetermined period of time, CMS intends to require MVPs for qualified doctors. Consequently, the current MIPS program will end shortly.

Catch us soon for MIPS consulting services if this new performance route for MVPs is puzzling to you. P3Care is a MIPS-qualified registry with a lot of physicians’ MIPS reporting experience. By creating more effective plans for MVPs measure reporting in MIPS 2023, we can assist you.

What will be Available to You Through MVPs in MIPS 2023 Reporting?

A subset of a few Quality measures, Improvement Activities, and Cost measures make up the MVPs in MIPS 2023; all of these metrics are very relevant to the disease, specialization, or patient group. A quality measure set must include at least one outcome measure, but if that outcome measure is not relevant, then any high-priority measure should be prioritized. This is a unique need for MVPs.

The MVPs sublayer also includes performance category measures for Promoting Interoperability and population health measurements.

The following 12 MVPs have been chosen by CMS for the performance year of 2023:

For the 2023 performance year, CMS has selected a total of 12 MVPs:

MVPs Available in MIPS 2023MVP ID
Adopting Best Practices and Promoting Patient Safety within Emergency Medicine MVPG0057
Advancing Cancer Care MVPM0001
Advancing Care Heart Disease MVPG0055
Advancing Rheumatology Patient Care MVPG0053
Coordinating Stroke Care to Promote Prevention and Cultivate Positive Outcomes MVPG0054
Improving Care for Lower Extremity Joint Repair MVPG0058
Optimal Care for Kidney Health MVPM0002
Optimal Care for Patients with Episodic Neurological Conditions MVPM0003
Optimizing Chronic Disease Management MVPG0056
Promoting Wellness MVPM0005
Support of Positive Experiences with Anesthesia MVPG0059
Supportive Care for Neurodegenerative Conditions MVPM0004


We already know that CMS will increase the number of MVPs for MIPS 2024 and other upcoming years. Therefore, it is now appropriate for all MIPS-eligible doctors to safely switch from MIPS to MVPs. Who is eligible to participate in MVPs is the question that may be on your thoughts at this point. What choices do we have for MVP involvement in MIPS 2023 reporting? These are listed below:

Individual doctors

There are three types of specialty groups: single specialty groups (groups with a single specialty type), multispecialty groups (groups with more than one specialty type), and subgroups.

Entities APM

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