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Manali trekking: A guide about the trekking in Manali

by Jan Sher


Manali lies in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh has the most stellar destinations offering plenty of unbeatable and adventurous trekking trails that make it a true heaven for trekking enthusiasts. To enjoy the beauty and adventurous trails of Himachal Pradesh one must touch and sense it by physically visiting the site. On the Manali Trekking adventure, you will not only experience thrill, and embrace the challenges but also enjoy the pure air, please your eyes with the mesmerizing views of the trails, and soak in the soul of this astonishing beauty of nature.

Manali is a land that will make you feel like you are in a fairyland. This beautiful high-altitude resort town of Manali is embraced by the majestic Himalayan mountains of Himachal Pradesh. You can enjoy several fun activities like zorbing, skiing, paragliding, biking, river rafting, parachuting, jeep safari, and much more to fill your Manali tour trip with more excitement.

Manali Trekking

Manali trekking with amazing topography regions offers exciting trekking opportunities. Many Manali Trekking packages are available that will take you to explore the thrill and adventure of Manali trekking. With enormous opportunities for trekking, Manali is also dubbed as the trekker’s paradise. Manali is the home to most of the popular trekking destinations in Himachal Pradesh. 

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Manali is well connected to all major cities in India by road, train, and flight. With a variety of trekking options available, you can choose the one that you like the most based on your experience and level of trekking. All the trekking destinations in Manali offer an exciting and adventurous experience with your every walk with nature. In the Manali trekking tour, you will go through the astonishingly beautiful Himalayan terrain, exotic flora, and fauna along with the pretty and small idyllic villages of Himachal Pradesh. Each of these treks has its unique characteristics and highlights that you will enjoy for sure.

A glimpse of Manali Trekking

There are several trekking routes available in Manali. Each trekking route has its unique characteristic and surrounding beauty. So, let’s have a look at some of the Manali Trekking routes.

  • Beas Kund Trek 
  • Bhrigu Lake Trek 
  • Hampta Pass Trek  

Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek also known as Vyas Kund trek is an exciting 3 days weekend trek. You will cover a distance of 16km in your trekking journey along the Beas river and will trek to an altitude of 12,772ft. Along the journey to the origin of the Beas river, you will experience the pure beauty of the surrounding region and experience the adventure and thrill of the trail.

If you wish to spend more time in the beauty of the Beas river, your Manali trekking trip of Beas Kund can be extended to 5 to 6 days. Solang valley is the base point of this trek and is situated at a distance of 13km from Manali. The trekking route is lined with vast lush green grass grasslands, coniferous forests, small rivulets, and scenic campsites. Along the journey, you will be treated with panoramic views of the Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, Pir Panjal ranges, Dhundhi, and Indrasen Peak. Beas Kund trek is an easy to moderated trekking journey and is liked by both beginners and professionals.

Beas Kund lake is located at the summit of the Beas Kund trek which makes it the best point of attraction for the trekking journey. According to the legends, the epic of Mahabharata was written on the banks of this lake by sage Vyas.

The best time to plan the Beas Kund trek is in the months of Mid-may to Mid-October.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu lake trek is a 3-day weekend Manali trekking destination in Himachal Pradesh and has an altitude of 14,100ft. This beautiful trekking trail attracts beginners as well as professionals. In this journey, you will cover a distance of 25km and traverse through the beautiful lush green meadows, alpine regions, quaint mountain villages, and splendid campsites. The mountain villages give panoramic views of the colossal peaks of Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters.

The high altitude of this trek is the main point of attraction. Bhrigu lake remains frozen for most time of the year. It also has many deep mythological roots. According to the mythological sayings, it is believed that Sage Bhrigu meditated on the banks of this lake and many Rishis as well as Devtas took their bath in this sacred lake.

Hampta Pass Trek  

Hampta Pass Trek is a beautiful trekking destination on the Manali Trekking route. It is the most dramatic crossover trek in the Pir Panjal Ranges of the Himalayas. This is a 5-day trekking journey that covers a distance of about 35km with an altitude of 14,039ft. This is easy to moderate trekking trail and takes you through the most contrasting landscapes ranging from vertical rock walls, expansive grasslands, silver waterfalls, effervescent streams, hanging glaciers, picture-perfect campsites, and barren and cold deserts of Lahaul and Spiti.

The main highlights of the Hampta Pass trek are the changing.

contrasting sweeps of the landscape and the crossover trek from the green grasslands of Kulu valley to the beautiful Chandra valley in Lahaul Spiti. Chandra Taal Lake is the most pleasant sought-after trek in the Manali region. According to Hindu mythology, Pandavas traversed along this trek on their quest for heaven. The best time to plan this trek is from the months of mid-June to mid-October.


The land of Manali is endowed with the enormous beauty of nature and exciting and thrilling trekking trails. Manali trekking offers several trekking opportunities that you can avail of. Enjoy the beauty of nature and experience the thrill and adventure offered by the trekking trails of Manali.

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