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The Evolution and Benefits of Luxury Rigid Boxes

by Uneeb Khan
luxury rigid boxes

Luxury rigid boxes are an outstanding packaging option that offers an exclusive combination of absolute protection and perceived luxury. They are made from cardboard that is overlaid with premium papers containing prints and designs of your choice. The cardboard is itself printable that can take on printing of every kind, so these boxes can act as your marketing gizmos. The options for style and size variations are unlimited and you have the choice to select them as per specific prerequisites. The functional aspect of these packages is brilliant that can be improved further with the addition of handles and several smart closures.  

In a retail environment, judgments made on theElevate the brand worth: basis of apparent looks can never end. The packaging holds an immense significance for all the retail items and its importance increase even more for luxury products. Potential clients who do not fear spending more pennies expect the products to offer a little bit extra value. The luxury rigid boxes are exactly designed to excite the customers and meet their expectations. If you want to know in detail what other benefits these boxes can offer to your business, keep reading this guide. But, let us first have a cursory look at the historical evolution of these packages.  

A historical overview:

Luxury rigid packages first came to the scene in 1845. Charles Lewis Tiffany, the owner of Tiffany & Co, first introduced and used these boxes for packaging several expensive products. The products that were first packed in these boxes were mostly jewelry-related. As time passed, more and more brands that wanted to highlight the premium nature of their items started to opt for these packaging solutions. With innovative technologies introduced to the market, the designs for these packages evolved greatly. Now, retail brands can have a go at innovative methods like digital printing, foil stamping, and die-cut machines. All these smart methods can now be utilized to transform the packaging look according to one’s anticipations.  

Justify the displayed price:

The displayed price for the luxurious products can sometimes backfire and lose you potential clients. There needs to be a justification of the set price so that customers never back off. The custom rigid boxes prove quite handy in raising the apparent worth of your retail items and thus justifying the price. The excellent material used in their manufacturing provides a nice tactile impression that creates a solid first impression. The absolute luxurious display of the products in some innovative designs like die-cuts also adds to the customers’ experience. The customers in the end get convinced with the product presentation and the price set by your brand.  

Exceptional durability:

Luxury packages do not provide you luxury in product presentation only, they assist you in protection matters as well. Some excellent and exotic materials like cardboard, E flute corrugated, and Kraft are used in their making. All these materials tend to differ from one another in various features, but they all have one thing in common. That is higher tensile and compressive strength to deal with various critical loads. It is owing to this strength that cardboard boxes can easily withstand all the physical severities during handling and transportation. They perfectly absorb the pressure and physical impacts without losing their original shape. Due to the thick cardboard used, there is also no chance of the impact transferring to the packaged products. So, the luxurious items inside remain intact and optimal.  

Better customer interaction:

Latest studies have shown that modern customers tend to trust the brands that better interact with them. Custom printed boxes can easily facilitate your business to develop smarter and stronger interactions with the target audience. With them, you can create some exemplary unboxing experiences that are remembered for a lifetime. For instance, the printing of some personal messages inside or the placement of customized inserts can make your product interactive during unboxing moments. Likewise, the packages can be subjected to product detailing to address and communicate with the buyers. These interactions go on to develop a stronger bond that then influences brand loyalty.  

Elevate the brand worth:

The worth of a retail brand needs to be enhanced in the eyes of buyers if you are to expand its reach. Making that possible is not realistic when you are opting for an ordinary packaging solution. Only the luxury rigid packages have the potential to uplift your brand’s overall perception in the consumer market. They do so by creating a differentiation factor on the retail shelves. Unlike customary packaging choices, their design possibilities are quite exquisite. They can be easily customized as per your branding theme. All you need to do is just use color schemes and other visual elements wisely. The packages will then create a stand-out impact and raise the perceived value of your company among the customer base.  

An eco-friendly option:

Custom rigid boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard that is not harmful to the environment at all. The soy-based inks used during their printing are also sustainable. Their customization does not rely on the use of any non-recyclable means. This is why they are rendered an absolute eco-friendly option that even matters in lowering your company’s carbon footprint. This improves the overall standing or status of your brand in the competitive market.  

Luxury rigid boxes have had a great reputation for expensive retail products since their inception. It is possible to design them with several sensorial touches that bring far better results in improving the perceived value. They are a great source to make the customers believe in the product quality and start bonding with the respective brands. 

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