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In this day, travel has evolved into an act of learning, connecting, and broadening one’s horizons. Some travel to soak in sights, some to tick off their bucket list, while others travel in pursuit of indulging in unique experiences- making themselves familiar with the destination’s culture and traditions. At The Postcard Hotel, food is believed to be one such artistic expression of the locale’s lifestyle and heritage- a way to understand everyday culture as well as the intricacies of identity and interaction. In India, they have luxury hotels in Kochi, Goa, Gir, and Trasi, their latest beach resort- each giving an exceptional experience to its leisure guests. 

At each handpicked holiday destination of The Postcard brings luxury resorts in India, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka with distinct culinary journeys to be experienced. An amalgamation of being authentic, well-researched, organic, and fresh. Their passionate food & beverage team put in extensive effort in the specific region, going back to the roots of foraging into its culinary treasures. Take The Postcard Gir, for instance- located in western India, Gujarat which boasts of the distinctive regional cuisine of Saurashtra. When the Parsis came to India, they initially settled around Diu, on the west coast of Gujarat. A popular tale talks about their promise to the ruler, Jadi Rana, that the community would make all efforts to mix with local people. To date, this is evident in the region’s culinary influence. With time, Parsi cuisine got adapted to local touches and became widely popular.

While planning the menu for one of the luxury resorts in India,  The Postcard Gir, the team went beyond the ever-popular farsaans and the famous khichdi that Gujarat has to offer- uncovering a new side that acknowledges the wider Parsi influence and also the exceptional seafood from the coast of Veraval. Every dish on the menu is a living story, articulating the region’s people, their traditions, and culture. 

While traveling on holiday, the desire for novel experiences increases, and so does the need for “original” experiences. At the Postcard, authenticity in culinary expeditions is about food that is simple, rooted in the region, natural, ethical, and human- all that goes into the making of a thought-evoking and rich stay. The Postcard Mandalay Hall’s restaurant, അ (or Aah), is a perfect example of tastefully serving the exquisite, local cuisine of the historic city, of Kochi. In the luxury hotel of Kochi, you will find the scrumptious nadan kozhi porichu varuthathu (shallow fried chicken goujons), delectable pallapam, and flavourful avail- each dish exciting in its own region with the creative use of spices and coconut, native to the destination.

In today’s consuming world, the ethical importance of brands moving towards locally sourced foods is threefold: lower carbon emission from produce transportation, increase availability of fresher, more flavourful foods in the market, and support local economies to thrive. The Postcard is committed to procuring the highest quality local produce to serve organic, pesticide-free food. At the hotel in Bhutan, The Postcard Dewa Thimphu, the use of nutritious ingredients such as buckwheat, quinoa, and local chilies not only promotes a healthier future but also helps regional farmers. Fun fact: Bhutan is the world’s biggest per-capita consumer of chilies- evident once you sit down to enjoy a wholesome local meal. 

Most visits to our country’s popular destination, Goa, begin and end with the beaches. The Postcard, however, brings an undiscovered facet of Goa through some of the best luxury resorts in India and its experiences. Uncovering the riches of Goan cuisine happens to be one of them. With their presence in four extremely distinctive villages of Goa, each Postcard has noteworthy offerings to satiate the palate and taste buds. The Postcard Moira’s fresh mackerel fish uddamethi; The Postcard Velha’s traditional, spicy prawn preparation; The Postcard Cuelim’s delicacies curated with freshly hand-pounded pastes and spices; or even The Postcard Hideaway’s delectable Konkan thali made from the in-house garden’s fresh produce, delving deeper into the historic flavors passed down through generations. 

Mirroring the energy and heritage of Kochi, recently awarded India’s Leading Design Hotel at the World Travel Awards 2022, The Postcard Mandalay Hall is one of the luxury hotels in Kochi. An urban oasis located in Mattancherry, a complex of elegantly preserved buildings, is over 200 years old. The luxury resort anchors this stylish mixed-use cultural destination, occupying one of the area’s few remaining historical landmarks designed by Tony Joseph with five rooms or galleries by distinct, renowned designers, bringing an artistic experience to you. The culinary experience offered by the resort is not only unique but authentic and connected to its rich heritage and roots. The luxury hotel in Kochi brings the best of Kerala to its guests. 

While the brand started its journey with luxury resorts in India, they have also managed to make a mark in Sri Lanka. A common greeting in Sinhalese, the most widely spoken language in Sri Lanka, is “Have you eaten rice?” That underscores how seriously Sri Lankans take their food. Home to age-old traditional cuisine, the country is incredible for those who want to time travel and indulge in the ancient flavors. The delicious food of The Postcard Galle, Sri Lanka seizes your imagination with its rich combination of spices, herbs, legumes, seafood, seasonal vegetables, lentils, cashew nuts, fruits, and, of course, coconut and coconut. The hidden secret behind the rich delicacies of the island is the art of cooking its food by using principal spices and ancient techniques from the time of the Vellalas.

Besides being flavourful, the cuisine of Sri Lanka is also an amalgamation of the cross-cultural influence it shares with India, the Dutch, and the British. With a constant endeavor to learn more, to do more, and to do better, The Postcard mindfully curates culinary experiences- the unparalleled joy of having a fresh catch of fish, crab, or shrimp from the local waters; the thrill of having fresh, seasonal vegetables and herbs from organic farms; or even the incomparable joy of discovering new flavors. India is a country with diverse flavors, textures, and cooking techniques. In fact, they change within a few hundred kilometers in the same state- bringing us closer to new cultures, traditions, and of course people. The luxury resorts in India, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka of the brand come to a step closer by curating that experience for their leisure guests.

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