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Gone are the candles of old, in are the new age LED candle. With the versatility of an LED bulb, they can be made into just about anything these days. You’ve seen them as Christmas lights, now you get to see them as candles, gone is the mess of wax.

These new age candles are often Led Candle called flame-less candles as well. These use a low powered LED bulb instead of a candle to give off light.

They are around the same price as a regular candle, but instead of needing to be replaced every few days to few weeks, they will last you several years, thus keeping your over cost down, because of the lack of needing to replace them.

They are designed in such away that you might even forget that it is not a real candle. Most designers will make the body out of wax to even stimulate the feel of an actual candle.

Want the melted look? Guess what, they can come that way to, with the edges dripping, so that it looks like a used candle, giving it even more character than it already has. It’s actually pretty interesting to know that a lot of these candles will even stimulate the randomness of flickering flame, this adds even more character to it. Now, you don’t even need candles, because you aren’t going to be able to tell the difference at all anyways.

Are you into scented candles? I bet you think that LED candles don’t come that way. Well, you would be quite wrong, as they do come in all sorts of scents. From your vanilla, to your lemon, all the way back to your lilac if you wanted to.

Tired of cleaning up the messes that candles leave behind? Then I think you might want to consider getting LED candles to replace all the candles in your house. Not only will there be less mess to clean up now, but there will be less chance of a fire being set because someone left a candle burning when they went to bed. Is there any reason not to get them? Well, if you actually like real candles, then no, I guess there is no point in getting them then. But I bet if someone switched all your candles, that you wouldn’t even notice, well, not until you went to light them anyway. If you are not totally convinced, then maybe you should just buy one, then you could try it out, and see how you like it in the end. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Bright Idea: Rechargeable Votive Candles in Restaurants

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you’ll be surprised to learn just how much ambience you can get with flameless candles, which flicker without the danger and expense of a “real” flame. They have only been around for a while, but in just a few years, they’ve gotten more sophisticated and are now available with high-tech recharging stations. You can also purchase wired ensembles for wall displays. Wired or rechargeable, candles that don’t need to be lit come in a range of options in flames and holders.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll stick with the rechargeable votive and its use in restaurants, but the reader should note that different powering options exist and new ways to implement these lighting options in everything from a hotel lobby to a national monument spring up regularly. So, why buy rechargeable votive candles to use in a restaurant? Here are a few reasons.


The less hassle the better, since time is money and efficiency brings its own benefits, right? The rechargeable votive is ideal in this case. It can be easily turned on or off with the flick of a switch and some models can be switched from flicker to non-flicker status. Plus, some makers also offer sophisticated, rather cool-looking charging stations so all rechargeable candles can be powered up to provide ambience for the whole dining shift. For those worried about having flameless votives stolen, LED candles with a built in theft deterrent can be purchased from quality providers.


You can get everything from candlelight white to a rainbow of LED colors, plus you can choose from a great selection of votive holders designed to make the most of the fire-free flicker.


The return on investment is simple math, with a recoup of cost within just a few months, depending on current wax candle or fuel use. Led Kerze Also, flameless candles provide thousands of hours of life which means one investment lasts a long time.


The safety factor may have catalyzed more sales of rechargeable votive candles than anything else…No wax candles or burning lamps, no risk of fire or accidents, right? It might be worthwhile to see whether using LED candles can help save on insurance.

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