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Leave the window open: beware of fines

by Uneeb Khan
Leave the window open

Did you know that leaving the window open is a violation of the Highway Code? This means you risk a fine, in addition to theft of the car or what the vehicle contains.

If you leave the car parked with the window open, you risk finding a nasty surprise on the windshield since there is a fine ranging from 42 to 173 euros.

Leave the window open: what the Highway Code says

The Highway Code in article 158, paragraph 4, states:

During parking and stopping, the driver must take appropriate precautions to avoid accidents and prevent the vehicle from being used without his consent.

Famous was the 2019 episode of a tourist in Alghero, fined for parking the car leaving the window open, simply because it was summer and he wanted to let some air circulate in his absence. The reason: the open window instigates theft, so it is as if you were inviting thieves to steal your car, moreover putting road traffic at risk because criminals have started driving.

So remember that when you park you must do everything possible to dissuade the bad guys, through the adoption of all those precautions necessary to protect your car from the intrusion of others or related risks.

Leave the window open: pay attention to theft insurance

So in summary, if you park your car with the window down, even if only partially, you risk:

  • fine ;
  • the theft of the vehicle;
  • if you have taken out the theft and fire guarantee in addition to your car insurance blog, you will not receive any compensation.

The typical example of uncompensated theft is that of keys left in the car, for this reason, if the car is stolen, the keys of the vehicle must be handed over to the insurance company.

But if the company can prove that you have been negligent, such as leaving the window open, you may not receive compensation even though you have taken out the related ancillary guarantee.

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