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Learn how to make your blog a success with guest posting

by Jan Sher

As a guest blogger, you write articles on someone else’s blog, i.e. a guest posting. Guest posts are a wonderful way to give your own website or blog more reach and readers.

There are a few tricks you can use when guest posting that will also help you spot potential sites for your guest posts and create opportunities.

Where can find sites to write guest posts on?

There are different ways to guest posting, as well as different platforms and even types of guest blogging. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to try guest article writing.

Establish contact with the contributors

 Write a guest article for Spiegel, you should not write to the editor. This one probably gets multiple emails every day from people who want to write a guest posting. Instead, try reading and contacting other authors’ articles.

But don’t write a general email saying how great you found the article. It is better to think of topics that were not covered in the article in order to add value as well. Once you’ve established a relationship with one of the writers, they can introduce you to the editor. The odds of getting a guest posting in a famous place are always better when featured by an existing author.

Write a pitch

If you follow a blog that you really like and want to guest post there, you can also write a pitch. This should be professional and serious. This includes, above all, that the spelling is correct and there are no grammatical errors, after all you want to convince this person to let you write an article on their blog.

Suggest your idea

Your pitch is also the perfect place to briefly present your idea for the guest article. Here you can also refer to why the topic is currently relevant and how it would help the readers of the blog.

It’s always good to highlight the benefits for blog owners, after all, they’re practically opening the doors of their homes to you. However, do not send the whole article! Keep this one to yourself until you get the green light.

Stay in the same niche

If you want to write a guest posting you should turn to blogs in the same niche. For example, if your website and blog are about flowers, a guest article might be out of place on a fashion blog.

On the other hand, if you stay in the same niche, it is likely that blog readers will benefit from your post. It also makes them more likely to visit your blog or website to learn more about your business. It is therefore important to target the same target group.

How to write good guest articles?

If you have the time to write several articles a week, consider publishing them on your own blog first to broaden your readership. Before you think about guest posting, your blog needs lots of good content first.

Once that’s done and you have a chance to guest posting you need to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

Always be respectful and polite

Whether you get accepted for your guest post or not, always be respectful. Even if you don’t get the response you were hoping for, remember: someone took the time to read your email and respond.

And who knows, maybe the bloggers will remember the suggested topic at a later date and get in touch with you. So don’t do anything you might regret later.

If you get the yes and can write the guest posting then you should definitely say thank you at the end of the article: to the blog owners for the opportunity and to the readers for their time.

Make yourself an attractive offer

If you can write a blog article, then it is good if you make the readers an attractive offer. It could be a discount, a free book, a checklist, or even a free webinar. If so, remember to link to her blog for the goodie. This is how you bring readers to your blog and hopefully make them regular readers.

Short bio

Write a short bio in the article so readers know it’s a guest article. This will differentiate you from the actual blogger of that blog and entice people to check out your website/blog.

Social media

Promote your guest posting on social media. This is how you return the favor to the blog operators and, ideally, also bring them additional traffic. Plus, blogging for a famous website is good for your brand. Your social media followers should definitely be aware of this, as it will give you more credibility.

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