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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Laptop Online

by Uneeb Khan

Purchasing a laptop is a long-term commitment; most people use their laptops for a period extending over a couple of years. Thus, it is imperative to choose the right laptop for your individual needs and wants. Doing this can ensure that you stay satisfied with your computer for months to come.

These days numerous online stores have a sale in 2021 going on during the month of November-December. If you’ve been pondering over the decision of getting yourself a new laptop, there couldn’t be a better time than this. With massive discounts and unbelievable deals being offered online, you can ensure big savings on your purchase. In this article, we discuss the 5 major mistakes one must avoid when purchasing a laptop online.

  1. Purchase the Cheapest Model Available

At times, individuals who require a laptop for the most basic use blindly go for the cheapest one that they can find. Even for minimal use, the most inexpensive laptop might not be the best purchasing decision. While it is tempting to do so, it may end up becoming a hassle for you during the lifetime of your computer. Shelling out an extra few thousand bucks can make a huge difference in how you interact with your computer a few months down the line.

You want a reliable laptop which is fast, smooth and durable. Thus, it is advisable to research the best laptops available in your budget before deciding to purchase one. At the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can use the handy filters to narrow down your choices based on price, brand, processor, RAM, storage and offers. This way, you can find the most suitable laptop for yourself.

  1. Paying Too Much

There are two aspects to this mistake. Firstly, some people end up buying a machine with specifications they don’t need. Consequently, they end up paying more than what they require. If you are a student who only needs a laptop for attending classes and doing assignments, purchasing an i5 laptop would not be the best decision for you and an i3 laptop would suffice.

Secondly, some people purchase their laptops at high prices, owing to a lack of research and knowledge. Thus, it is crucial to choose a laptop that comes with just the features and specifications that you need. Additionally, you should look for a good deal on your favourite personal computer. For instance, you can enjoy discounts as high as 38% on laptops at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

  1. Not Considering Storage and RAM

The RAM and internal storage of a laptop are two of the most important factors that you must consider while purchasing one. The RAM (Random Access Memory) is the memory responsible for functions such as multitasking. A higher RAM allows you to multitask in a smoother, better fashion. It makes the laptop feel faster. Today, 4GB RAM is considered to be the minimum standard in laptops.

The internal storage of a laptop determines the amount of data that you can store on your laptop. Thus, it is important to consider your data storage needs in order to ascertain the internal storage that you would need in your laptop. You don’t want to run out of space on your laptop and spend more money on an external hard drive. You can purchase a laptop with decent RAM and storage at affordable prices.

  1. Missing Out on Compatibility and Ports

One thing that many tend to miss while purchasing a laptop is its compatibility options and the number of ports. Different laptops are equipped with different sets of ports. Before getting a laptop home, ensure that it suits your compatibility requirements. Most modern laptops feature Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C ports. If you need to connect a USB Type-A device or an SD card reader to your laptop, make sure you choose a model that has those specific ports.

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  • Not Checking the Reviews

Once you have ascertained your specific requirements, you must shortlist a few models based on these requirements. The important thing to note here is reading the customer reviews of your chosen models. It is highly relevant to check the feedback of the product. This will give you an early insight into the performance of your machine.

Read as many reviews as possible before arriving at a decision. You will get a detailed analysis of how the computer performs in each area. Let’s assume you are a traveller who needs a laptop with good battery life. Reading the reviews will help you to find out if your chosen model has a good battery life or not.

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store offers phenomenal deals on a wide selection of laptops including i3, i7 and i5 laptops at No Cost EMI. You can enjoy lucrative cash backs and offers. Head over to the EMI Store for your laptop.

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