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Joseph Cianciotto On Making It Big In Advertisement Industry

by Jan Sher
Joseph Cianciotto

The advertising industry is one of the most important industries in the professional world. Without this industry, products and concepts will not reach end customers. For this reason, a career in the advertising industry can be both lucrative, and lasting. However, it is not easy to break into this industry. Because of its glamor, and dazzle of money, the advertising industry has many aspiring professionals wishing to join it. People want to join advertising because it opens a wide path for creative experiments. In addition, advertising also offers the chance to grow as a professional. People who succeed in this industry, make a lot of money. Therefore, it is a tempting industry to be in. 

Joseph Cianciotto On Advertising Career

Joseph Cianciotto is an advertising professional. Joe has worked for this industry for a long time to know it from its core. Using his creativity and hard-working nature, Joe has succeeded in growing as a creative director of an advertising agency. Joe says that the main challenge in rising in this industry lies in its competitive nature. Here everyone is trying to make big money, a big career move, and a big reputation. The race to be the best has turned advertising into a brutally competitive industry. However, this does not mean one cannot rise here. With a little strategic move and careful planning, one can make a successful career in this industry.


Even though a degree has nothing to do with creativity, Joe says that people who want to break into this industry need to possess knowledge of technology, and tools. Also, those who want to work in this industry must have some level of people knowledge. They must know how to present themselves to the world. A degree in public relations helps aspiring advertising professionals make their first break in this industry. 


Even if someone does not have the right qualification, reminds Joe, one needs to possess the creativity to survive and succeed in this industry. Endless supplies of ideas help in creating engaging content. An advertising professional needs to be able to create copies and graphics easily. For this reason, people with creative streaks get a lot of exposure in this industry. They get to improve their skills while working in the advertising industry. Joe says that if qualification gets one in the advertising industry, creativity keeps them there. So, it is an essential skill that can make or break it for an advertising professional.

Team Player

Professionals with the skill to work with a team possess a better chance of succeeding in this industry. It takes an entire team to work on an ad campaign. During an ad campaign, the entire ad team sits together to make things work. For this reason, if someone does not work well with a team, cannot succeed in this industry.

Communication Skill

Advertising professionals must possess excellent communication skills to pitch their ideas and insight. They not only have to communicate with their teams, but they also have to communicate with their clients.

Joseph Cianciotto being a successful advertisement professional knows that communication plays a big role in this industry. People with good communication and active listening skill possess a great chance to succeed here.   

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