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Is the present CA InterTest Series paper’s major question taken from the previous test series set?

by Uneeb Khan
CA Inter Test Series

CA is a prestigious program that demands a great deal of commitment.One has to complete all the tests offered by ICAI to become a Chartered Accountant. Students struggle to pass exams due to a lack of adequate instruction.Accounting is one of the disciplines included in the CA Inter Test Series.

How Can I Achieve Good Accounting Grades in CA Intermediate?

Accounting is regarded as a high-score topic. In general, students gain their overall grades by doing well in accounting.

Distribution of Syllabus

  • Convergence vs adoption;
  • Objective and principles of carve-outs;
  • Process of formulating Accounting Standards, including Ind ASs (IFRS converged standards) and IFRSs;
  • Convergence vs adoption;
  • Financial Statements Preparation and Presentation Framework
  • Accounting Standards in Practice 
  • Accounts of the Business
  • Preference shares are redeemed, and debentures are redeemed.
  • Taking into account bonus and right issues,
  • Managerial Remuneration, Accounting for Taxes: Concept of Deferred Tax Asset and Deferred Tax Liability following AS 22 “Accounting for Taxes,”
  • Before incorporation, financial statements such as the Statement of Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and Profit (Loss) are prepared.

What is the best way to study accounts for CA Intermediate?

Study Material from the Indian Council for the Advancement of Science (ICAI). Whether you are receiving coaching or performing self-study, the ICAI Study Material should be your first choice. Whatever anyone claims, the ICAI Study Material is the greatest book for the CA Inter Test Series.

  • Every topic mentioned in the study material should be read.
  • Read each topic in-depth, along with the accompanying images.

Register of Concepts

Make a separate concept register in which you put down ideas you’re learning in your language along with their explanations. This list will come in handy when it comes time to revise.


For each idea, try to answer as many questions as possible. You can use the book provided by your coaching institute or any other book to help you with this. Make a list of your errors in your notepad.

Make Smart Studying Choices

  • While studying, make a list of questions that span various topics and jot them down in the book with the question. This will aid you in your revision. You can concentrate on such issues and their points.
  • Make a list of comparable questions. This might save you time by eliminating the waste of time that comes from answering similar queries.
  • Every day, study.
  • Always set aside time to answer a specific question. Set a timer for a question when you’re studying. For example, if a question is worth 8 points, the maximum time it should take to answer it should be 14.4 minutes.
  • Set daily goals for yourself. Goals should be attainable.
  • Keep up to date with the modifications that the ICAI publishes on its website, as well as the RTP.

How Should Accounts Be Prepared for Exams?

Making appropriate plan is one of the most substantial aspects of exam preparation. Make a written plan for your rewrite. Set a goal for yourself to finish the topic in a certain number of days.

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