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Is PRINCE2 Practitioner exam hard?

by Uneeb Khan

The Certified Practitioner (CP) credential is an international qualification that is recognized internationally. It can be taken by a person working full time in the field. A practitioner may be the chief executive officer, an IT manager, or someone else in a leadership position. You can achieve the CP by passing the CAPM Exam which has three parts; the first part is for the core competencies and the second and third parts of the CAPM are the advanced competencies.

The CAPM can be passed online, by a pen and paper test, or by an in-person Prince2 practitioners examination. If you are interested in becoming a PMP or a CP, it is best that you check with the PMI Chapter or your local region for the certification course requirements.

The PMI has the most detailed information on this matter. To access it, visit www.pmi.org. You can contact the PMI chapter or your local region for further details on this.

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