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In the Electronic Cigarette Industry, SMPO Is a Global Superstar

by Jan Sher

SMPO has established a sizable high-quality product line to manufacture a variety of electronic cigarettes and accessories, including vape pods, to provide partners with the greatest possible vaping experience. Every one of their items has been given the seal of approval from the European Community and the European Union’s RoHS program. That is to say, SMPO can provides excellent electronic cigarette wholesale services to its partners.

Electronic Cigarettes: What Are They?

Battery-operated “electronic cigarettes” (or “e-cigs”) convert nicotine into a vapor that may be breathed. They didn’t contain any tobacco and were designed to replace regular cigarettes.

The SMPO electronic cigarettes are fashioned to look like pens or USB sticks. Typical electronic cigarettes contain a battery and a cartridge that may be refilled with nicotine, flavorings, and other compounds.

Explaining SMPO’s Rise to Success as a Leading Wholesale Vape Distributor

1. Our manufacturing facility spans over 12,000 square meters, making it large enough to accommodate 2,000 workers. About 30 people on the R&D staff, with expertise ranging from chemistry and tobacco to electronics and identification and structural biology.

2. Members include prominent corporate tycoons and significant technological gurus from the tobacco industry.

3. Multiple patents: SMPO has received approval for more than 90 patents, submitted over 200 patent applications, and awarded multiple patents for critical technologies.

4. Manufacturing to strict quality requirements: SMPO’s management system is accredited to international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and HACCP). Various international quality standards (including CE, ROHS, KC, and others) have been met by all products.

5. The SMPO electronic cigarette equipment market is popular among partners worldwide. This market can be found in many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea.


Want to purchase many e-cigarettes? The SMPO is a good electronic cigarette wholesaler to explore.

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