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Impact of Flash Messages/Jazz My Status Offer On Our Behaviors

by Jan Sher
Impact of Flash Messages/Jazz My Status Offer On Our Behaviors

Since there is no law in Pakistan to prevent the sending of messages by mobile network companies to their customers for marketing and promotion of products, even if there is a law, it is not being enforced.  Our mobiles are often flooded with unwanted network messages from our mobile network. 

What is Flash Message/ Jazz My Status Offer?

In Pakistan mostly mobile network services are activated without your consent and knowledge. if you want to turn off these services, you don’t understand how to turn them off.

And if you are lucky enough to find the code that will disable the service, the message you send to disable the service charges will also be deducted from your account.

One of the many such services is called “Jazz My Status”.
In simple terms, this service means that if someone wants to call you, you can show them a message of your choice.
Showing your favorite message to someone is not a bad thing, but the annoying aspect of this service is that when a person dials another person’s number, they also hold the mobile phone to their ear and keep it on, as long as the call tone continues to play or until the other person picks up the call.

The caller’s attention is focused on the bell tone, Or he is focused on when the other person answers the call and his voice is heard, But suddenly a notification tone rings in your ears and shakes your eardrums.
The caller is startled by this sudden tone. When he nervously looks at the mobile screen, the flash message of this service activated by Jazz is showing on the screen.
Instead of reading the sudden message, the caller’s attention is diverted to the aftershocks in the caller’s ears after the flash message/jazz my status.

The notification consists of only two or three words from the subscriber, apart from the entire notification explaining the charges for the service, and how to activate it.

How to Unsubscribe Jazz My Status

There are two ways to unsubscribe from flash message/ jazz my status offer.

By Text Message

  • Write UNSUB
  • Send it to 6085

By Code

  • Simply dial *969#
  • Your subscription will end

Charges For Jazz My Status Offer

Charges for Jazz my status offer/Flash message for Prepaid and postpaid users are here.

Postpaid Users: Rs.15+tax/month

Prepaid Users: Rs.1.89/per day

This service is auto-renewable

Copy Status Feature

You can also copy the status of the number you are calling

Firstly, there are no charges for copying the current status of a number, but the subscription fee will have to be paid.

How Flash Messages/Jazz My Status impact Our Behavior

Flash messages are those brief message that appears on the screen for a very short time and then disappears. They are often used to give a warning or alert the user of something. Although they may be helpful in some situations, they can also be a nuisance. In this article, we will look at how flash messages impact our behavior and how we can remove them.

Flash messages can have a significant impact on our behavior. They can cause us to feel anxious, stressed, or even irritable. In some cases, they can even lead to us making mistakes. This is because our brain is constantly trying to process the information that is being presented to us.

When a flash message appears, our brain has to stop what it is doing and process the new information. This can interfere with our ability to focus and concentrate on what we are doing.
Flash messages are disturbing for people who are prone to problems with Ears.

Flash messages are sent without the consent of the caller.

It is against the privacy of the person mentioned above.


We hope this article has helped you figure out how to remove the flash message in Jazz. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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