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What is your review of EDEN IAS Coaching In Delhi?

by Uneeb Khan
ias coaching in delhi

EDEN IAS is a Higher than average in their class for GS. Particularly, if you’re novice to the concept of UPSC or planning to enroll in classes, I would strongly advise you to pick EDEN For IAS Coaching in Delhi. This is the reason:

We provide the coaching in both Offline and online modes.

We believe in a comprehensive preparation which just not helps you to compete as a beginner but also it helps you to compete with various old competitors,

Who have already attempted the examination (given a Mains or Interview before) and are going to appear again with you.

But here are a few positives: EDEN IAS

  1. Interview coaching is among the most effective (it is, in actual fact, it’s the sole reason that EDENI IAS is able to survive)
  2. Facilities are available for boys as well as girls (since recent).
  3. Food is available three times a day at the mess
  4. World History faculty was good (although the faculty was not present after 4 classes and the syllabus was not completed); Polity faculty is equally good, though they are very strict and over-disciplined.
  5. Too much cost, no support for financially backward candidates of IAS Coaching in Delhi.
  6. Training seminars with highly successful applicants.

If you are looking for coaching classes in Delhi with low fees then, according to me don’t waste your time.

Because, there are so many coaching institutes for civil service preparation with low fees but main problem with these coaching centers are their faculties.

With low amount of fees, they can’t provide you good faculty, no doubt two or three faculties of different subject will be good 3 Years IAS foundation Course and after that god knows about other faculties.

If you are fully planned to run your preparation with Coaching classes and you are English medium student, then go for EDEN IAS,

Both coaching centers are in Karol Bagh and if you are Hindi medium student, then go for Drishti or GS world.

But you might be wondering about the list of the “so-called “toppers from EDEN IAS. I’ll tell you that 99.99 percent of these “toppers” been to the interview coaching program at NOW.

There’s been very little one who is from who has passed the test from the GS training there.

They tout “600 successful candidates”, “90% of the successful candidates are from EDEN IAS “

These kinds of announcements are merely falsehoods. It’s not right for an organization to boast about massive results and give a false impression to readers of their accomplishments of IAS Coaching in Delhi.

PS1: Shikha Surendra (AIR 16 2020.) was the sole candidate in recent past to have cleared the test following the coaching here.

I’m sure it’s because of her hard-working and arduous efforts that,

She has achieved this incredible feat, and that played only a small part to play in her GS scores.

Check her response to the question mentioned above and you’ll see that she’s spoken about the interview guideline portion of as great.


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