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How to write an effective title with the HEADLINES method

by Uneeb Khan

You know what I’m talking about, right? Titles are an essential element for the success of your web project: whether it’s a post, a landing page or a newsletter, there is always a string that can catch the eye of the reader . And this string is the title.

Because that’s our purpose of a good headline : to capture interest . In a competitive environment like the SERP – without forgetting Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus – you cannot let your guard down: you still have to aim for the good balance between information and persuasive copywriting .

 In particular, a post that is shared through social networks: a right word can spark the reader’s interest and push him to click. So you have to carefully evaluate the levers to be exploited in this micro-content.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 The importance of the title
  • 2 Helpful: Help readers
  • 3 Emotion: focus on emotions
  • 4 Ask: ask the audience
  • 5 Do and Don’t: what to do
  • 6 List: the strength of numbers
  • 7 Inspire: you must be a reference
  • 8 Nightmare: take advantage of fears
  • 9 Empathy: create a bond
  • 10 Success: shows the way
  • 11 How to write an effective title: your opinion

The importance of the title

It’s not enough to work around keywords and search engine optimization .

Of course, SEO is important and the title – in its title tag function – becomes one of the deciding factors for ranking .

But even in the Google SERP , persuasive copywriting can make a difference .

And it can also increase the click through rate of your search result.

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This step deserves your attention, right? More visits, more potential customers on your blog , more traffic to landing pages , more opportunities to generate leads and increase sales. Each element is part of a vital balance for your business. That’s why you need to try the HEADLINES method to improve your titles.

Everything revolves around this infographic that I found on the feldmancreative.com blog . As you can see from the image, it is the acronym HEADLINES: each letter corresponds to a nuance of the title. Here comes the question: must all features be present? No, it would be impossible to synthesize them into a single text string. But you can optimize the titles by trying to make the most of these persuasive levers.

Helpful: help readers

This is one of the great resources for your headline – try to write a headline that will help the people you want to reach. Your goal? Give answers, help solve a problem. Do you use various SEO tools to intercept readers’ queries ? Perfect, interface this data with good community and social monitoring work. Then summarize the helpful answers in the headlines. Some tools to use for monitoring:

  • Mention
  • Hootsuite
  • Tweetdeck

Emotion: focus on emotions

People are looking for information on the web, but not only. They need a source capable of speaking to emotions; they identify contents capable of reflecting and confirming their moods. That’s why your headline could greatly benefit from this point. A piece of advice: to inform and excite is the key to follow, do not use emotions to deceive the reader. The first time it works, the second time it doesn’t. And you lost the audience.

Ask: ask the audience

One of the typical templates in the good copywriter ‘s toolbox . People react, they read the question mark as an invitation to answer. The question is intriguing, especially if it corresponds to a question that is reflected in the reader’s daily activity. In this case, once again, it is essential to intercept user searches.

Do and Don’t: what to do

Let’s stay on the subject of templates to write a headline. And we focus on two mirror solutions: do’s and don’ts. A headline can invite the reader to take action , it can offer the advice found in the post upfront. But he can decline this idea in negative terms: not doing something to get results. Here are some examples:

  • How to increase Twitter followers in 5 months
  • How to destroy your audience on Twitter in 5 mes s

Same content presented in different ways. Often the title in a negative key, the one that tells you the actions to avoid in order to obtain a certain result, can be a good way to break the routine of the titles. Such a solution does not match Google searches, in principle no one searches for “how not to do”, but with Yoast’s WordPress SEO, you can differentiate H1 and title tags .

List: the strength of numbers

A pillar of good online writing: organize the post in substantial points and propose a bulleted list. A list to advertise with a bullet point headline , a headline based on numbers. Examples:  “4 tools to optimize Facebook images”, “5 solutions to get good results on Instagram” and so on.

Numbers work in headlines. Here is Conductor ‘s research .

Why do lists work? They respond to our desire to obtain clear and definite information, without further effort. I need 5 ideas to solve a problem, just as 6 steps are enough to get a certain result. People on the internet are looking for simple and organized solutions: your job is to respond to this need.

Inspire: you must be a reference

You have to become a point of trust, an inspiration for your readers. Have them find guidance in your articles and show your intent through headlines. In this point I see the link with clarity, with the ability of the title to be a reference. But at the same time you must never stop intriguing.

Nightmare: take advantage of fears

People have a strong bond with fear and fear. Something can happen to your website, someone can break into your blog and destroy the database . Or you can find yourself with an SEO penalty and ignore the solution. Worse still, you can write content and get no results .

One of the most effective techniques to create good headlines: focus on the fears of the public . Be careful, you must not engage in terrorism and feed useless hysteria. But you need to be able to identify and point out a problem and then propose yourself as a solution. Essential condition? Be the key to solving the knot.

Empathy: create a bond

People love bloggers who step off the pedestal and look you in the eye. Eliminate all forms of corporate language from the blog, turn towards the reader when you speak. And pointing to a headline capable of intercepting the tone of voice  of the target : demonstrates interest and proximity, the death of distance. Example? “Use these tips to improve your headline . ” Not a generic title, yours.

Success: shows the way

The road to success, that’s it. In a title there can be the promise of the result, the topic that triggers any click: “6 tips to turn your blog into a money-making machine” . A bit long as a headline but the example is clear, the text becomes a hook to bring people to your blog. Motivated people, that’s it.

Let me add my point: don’t forget to be honest with your readers. You can promise anything and you can use persuasive copy to attract clicks. But the authority and the results over time also depend on user satisfaction. And if you promise without keeping your blog it won’t go far.

How to write an effective title: your opinion

I found this infographic and immediately thought about the needs of the blogger who wants to improve the articles. The title is that element that allows you to get good results in a short time: it attracts attention, clicks, visits.

But you have to have a trained eye, you have to write sharp headlines. It is always in the balance between informatiohttps://viraltechgo.com/10-other-seo-copywriting-tips-infographic/n and persuasion . Without forgetting the search engines.

Have you already started optimizing your titles? Does your mortgage blog collect good results from this work? Have you increased visits and shares thanks to the work you do every day? Tell me about your experience in the comments.

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