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How to Suppress Internet Search Results?

by Uneeb Khan
How to Suppress Internet Search Results?

At any point in time, brands may find negative results against them on search engines. To
suppress them, various ways are available such as outranking these results. But when this has to be done in the most effective manner, the process to suppress internet search results should be understood in depth. This can help in forming a strategy to push down bad results. In this way, brands can find themselves in a positive light on the internet. such problem-solving services are provided by the best online reputation management company in Delhi, i.e. the Value4Brand.

What is Suppression of Search Results?

At times, you may not want certain types of content to show up in relation to your brand or
website. Usually, its nature can be negative. Hence, you may want to push it down. Suppression is the process through which you can do so. This process will help in outranking the results that are negatively affecting your brand. Although complete deletion may not be possible, these results will stop displaying at the top of a search engine.

Requisites for Content Suppression

To suppress results that are unwanted, you should first identify their source. This source can be:
● Personal
● Or, external
In the former case, the information on your own pages or websites may be generating negative results on search engines. In the latter, third-party websites and platforms can be the reasons behind their ranking.

Pushing Down Unwanted Results on Search Engines

Based on the source of negative results, you can employ a suitable measure. Sometimes,
however, when the source has not been identified, they can still be suppressed in other ways. In either case, you can apply 4 measures.

1. Work on Keywords Responsible for Ranking

It is suggested to identify which keywords show up unwanted results when searched on engines like Google. For this purpose, you can apply various tools. Or, a search engine optimization company can be relied on.

Once this is done, you can develop a strategy to work on those terms. Your tactic should focus on showing positive results or information when those keywords are searched.

2. Improve Ranking for Positive Content

This method works differently. As opposed to directly targeting negative content, it encourages you to focus on positive information. Blogs or articles that are neutral or positive in nature can be improved in terms of ranking.
● As positive information will rank better, poor results will be pushed down.
● The focus of readers can be shifted from unwanted pages.
● Your positive online presence will increase on the internet.

3. Add Profiles on Social Media

When poor results on search engines are showing up for brand names, this way can be
effective to suppress them. On important social media platforms, you can add the profiles of your company. Given that these profiles exist on authoritative sites, when your name is
searched, desirable results may appear.

4. Get in Touch with the Platform

It is a straightforward approach to connect with a platform on which negative information is
published. You can directly request its owner to remove the content. Your request should be in sync with the guidelines of violation.
In case your request is considered, this information will be removed. Then the negative results will stop appearing in the search. In this way, you will be able to suppress them.

Hence, the information in this blog might helpful in knowing ways to Suppress Internet Search Results. Moreover, learn more about  free high DA PA social bookmarking sites list reach Value4Brand.

To Sum up

Content suppression becomes important in certain situations. Particularly when the image of a brand is getting affected, this process should be considered. It works best when you are able to trace the source of poor results on the internet. Through a number of measures, it can improve the ranks for positive results and significantly benefit a brand.

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