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How to Post, Link, and Pay No Guest Posting Downsides

by Jan Sher
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In simple words, then a guest post is a post (article) that the author publishes on another site or blog. By the way, this method of promotion will be useful for both parties, both the author of the site (blog) on ​​which the guest post will be posted and the author of the guest post himself, that’s for sure. Be beneficial if certain conditions are met.

Disadvantages of guest posts

First, the author of the post gives his post permanently to someone else’s site or blog. That is, he wrote unique and quality material and gave it to another author to be placed on his resource for ordinary advertising. But the author of the post could put it on his website or blog and also manage to attract new visitors and add good popularity to the site (blog) if the post is really interesting.

Rules for a successful guest post

 This is the most important thing in my opinion for the site where the guest post will be placed. If the site (blog) is thematic with your article, then you will get good traffic and maybe even subscribers to your resource. This is called who will be interested in your content on the site.

The formula for guest post success

In fact, it doesn’t take much to get results in guest article publishing. The formula for success consists of two components: and a well-chosen receiving site. If you know the secrets of a good article, feel free to continue analyzing potential portals for posting.

How to choose sites for posting articles

So many sites offer promotional articles on their pages. However, not all portals deserve your attention. The ability to choose a good resource for publishing a guest post can determine the outcome of the entire advertising campaign.

Step # 1. Find the appropriate niche

It is better to focus on those portals that share the same business field as you. For example, there is no reason for industrial automation companies to post guest posts on fashion, beauty, and health entertainment sites.

Step # 2. Analysis of site statistics

You should be interested in traffic data, engagement data, bounce rate and other technical data. Maybe 30 people visit the site per day, which means that the coverage of your article will be minimal, even with cool text and a thought-provoking title. Immediately cross such sites off your list.

Step # 3. Study your potential partner in detail

Before contacting the resource owner, do a little analysis:

a) Find out if the company has previously published guest posts on its blog.

b) What themes, style and design prevail on the site of the potential partner.

Note when writing a guest posting

When writing a guest posting it really pays to start by finding the right hosting resource. But we must not forget the difficulties of copywriting. So keep some tips on how to write a guest post in advance.

Use the logical structure of the presentation of the material. An introduction, main body, and conclusions with a link to your site is a concise but most acceptable formula for placing future text on any source. Some portals may have their own requirements for the structure of the published material. For example, you definitely need the main text at the beginning, the summary at the end, etc.

 Use a balanced selling style. A guest posting is not an advertisement or an informational text, it should combine the features of different styles. The main thing is that the publication is useful, causes interest, and motivates to go to your site.

Choose an appropriate title. It should match the style of the site, the taste of the target audience, and, of course, the image of the company or web resource that this article aims to promote. The title of a guest post is the key to the content.

Engage with your target audience after publishing your content. A good text often causes positive feedback from readers: they can leave a comment on the recipient’s site, repost it on social networks, etc. But there will be dissatisfied customers, and that’s okay. It doesn’t matter if the feedback is negative or positive a response is required for all comments.

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