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How to pick the right mediclaim policy that covers your family?

by Uneeb Khan
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The pandemic has made us even more concerned about our and our family’s health. During these dire times, it has become significant to understand the need and the requirement of mediclaim policy not just for ourselves but also for the family. While mediclaim policy has always been important, with the options now available in the market, it has become more difficult for an individual to pick the best out of them. Given these uncertain times, a mediclaim policy for family should be of primary focus for any person, for any illness or disease can truly upset our financial planning. 

With increasing proneness to various diseases in today’s polluted and degraded environment, the significance of health insurance has made a firm foot in the minds of earning people. As new technologies emerge and more Indians have joined social media, the consciousness about a mediclaim policy has increased. But with false facts concerning health insurance, still, several people are not sure about which ones to choose. Medical emergencies can wreak havoc on your savings and derail your life goals making it more important than ever to get a good mediclaim policy for family. The rise in the expenses that each medical process demands further makes the finances vulnerable to imbalance. To keep up with this, mediclaim policy for family is critical.  

There are insurance plans that include an individual, their partner, children, parents, and even parents-in-law and siblings. Before you go ahead and get health insurance for yourself and your family, here are some key factors that you must keep in mind. 

Size of the family

The best mediclaim policy for family is the one that offers insurance for the whole family within one sum insured. For younger families, such plans could prove cheap and beneficial. If an individual’s senior citizen or elderly parents are included in the policy, the premium could be higher than a younger family. In either case, it is, in most cases, beneficial to get a mediclaim policy that covers the entire family and has a hefty sum assured. 


The Government of India has recently passed a law that has made it mandatory for employers to cover their employees. While this would make a lot of individuals feel that they do not need to purchase a separate mediclaim policy. But, the company medicalim policy may not cover all your family members. Moreover, the coverage offered may sometimes not be enough, especially if you have senior citizen or elderly parents in the family. It is thereby advisable to get a mediclaim for your family in addition to the one that the company offers. Alternatively, one can also purchase a top-up plan from your employer by paying an additional premium. 

Type of Profession:

If you are one of those who are self-employed, the mediclaim policy becomes even more critical. Self-employed or business professionals require a plan that provides them with better insurance. Unlike those who work in a corporate setup, self employed professionals may not get any coverage from their employers. A fixed benefit policy is a suitable choice for self-employed individuals. Consider the type of profession before opting for a mediclaim policy for family. 

Policy factors:

The mediclaim policy must be picked not just depending on the premium rate but also considering other policy conditions like: 

Sub-limits in mediclaim policy:

Several policies have sub-limits upon the sum included. The insurance policies that do not have these sub-limits should be preferred even though they have higher premium rates. 

Co-payments in mediclaim policy :

These policies demand the claim amount paid by the policy purchaser and the insurance company. Though this leads to lesser coverage of medical treatments for the policy purchaser, it is cheaper and a viable option for more minor income groups.

Hospital Network:

When choosing a mediclaim policy family, it is always advisable to check how many network hospitals the insurance company has joined hands with. Opting for a health insurance policy with a vast network is always advisable. 


When buying a mediclaim policy, read the policy document thoroughly beforehand. Mediclaim policies often have some omissions or exclusion. If an insurance plan has many exclusions, it must be avoided. All the treatments and diseases not included in the policy must be considered before buying the policy. 

Daycare Treatments in mediclaim policy:

Insurance companies may not cover treatments that require you to be admitted for less than twenty-four hours. Some may not include daycare treatments too. The policy that offers the most daycare treatments must be purchased. 

Though medical treatments in India are one of the cheapest worldwide with new advances in the medical field, the treatments may still sometimes be expensive, especially for a middle-class family. And so, it is necessary to get a health insurance to get coverage in paying hospital bills. One of the most crucial tasks is to pick the best among the wide variety of insurances to not worry about the treatment cost. And remember, it is always better to invest in a mediclaim policy at an early stage in life. 

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