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How to Get Pure Vanilla Cookie In Cookie Run: Kingdom

by Jan Sher
Pure Vanilla Cookie

How to Get Pure Vanilla Cookie In Cookie Run: Kingdom

  • Are you searching for one in all the most effective healers. Found within the Cookie Run Kingdom? If affirmative, then Legendary Pure Vanilla Cookie is one in all them – here’s a orientate a way to get Pure Vanilla Cookie for your team.
  • Before beginning the guide, you must keep some facts regarding the legendary Cookie in mind.
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie is the leader of 5 ancient heroes, and you’d be surprised to understand that it’s the primary playable ancient cookie; what is more, the rarity of Vanilla Cooke is “Ancient,” and it comes with “Rea Position.”
  • The cookie belongs to the Healing category and like alternative Ancient Cookies, he’s playable within the introduction.
  • If you don’t grasp a lot of regarding him. It’d be sensible that it’s additionally the founder and ex-king of the Vanilla Kingdom. That produces it seem within the unaltered  Kingdom and also the Castle within the Sky.

How to Get Pure Vanilla Cookie – Cookie Run Kingdom

drive out varied threats encounter. whereas scores of Cookies square measure symbols of power, some square measure outstanding and ancient. At the time of writing, solely 2 ancient cookies square measure offered outside of the Prologue; but, these cookies square measure the following: Hollyberry Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie. The first ancient free cookie was Pure Vanilla Cookie, serving because the best expert and also the most troublesome to get. We’ve compiled a guide to assist you get him following some steps, therefore keep reading the article.

Get Pure Vanilla Cookie through Soul Stones

Because of its rarity and importance of getting in your team. The foremost common thanks to get Pure Vanilla Cookie is thru gathering. The Soul Stones grouping stone is barely meant to assist you get the Cookie of your dream. And it isn’t as straightforward as most are considering. However, it will be done by grouping soul stones or exploitation the Cookie. Gacha System Besides these 2 choices you’ll additionally visit stage. Battle Store because the third methodology to urge Pure Vanilla Cookie, however it will place a large dent in your pocket.

Cost of one Soul Stone

If you favor grouping Soul Stones for getting Vanilla Cookie. You must detain mind that every Soul Stone can price you 600 Medals and you’ll get only 1 Soul Stone when one or two of days. Having  forementioned which means you can’t get Soul Stones in bulk as they become offered just for one or two of days.

How many Soul Stones does one ought to unlock Vanilla Cookie?

Furthermore, the traditional Soul Stone available belongs. Either to Vanilla Cookie or Hollyberry Cookie. Surely, there would be a matter floating in your mind regarding what percentage. Soul Stones you must have in your inventory to unlock Pure Vanilla Cookie. The answer is twenty Soul Stones, as once you reach the milestone. The character can mechanically get unlatched and be supplementary to your team. Besides, you’ll exchange twenty Soul Stones for Pure Vanilla Cooke exploitation the Cookie Menu.

Obtain Pure Vanilla Cookie exploitation the Cookie Gacha

The same methodology goes for getting Soul Stones of the Vanilla Cookie. If players worldwide are attempting to draw their favorite Cookie exploitation the Featured Gachas. Then the probabilities of obtaining Pure Vanilla Cookie square measure regarding zero.054%. It means that if you draw the Gachas two hundred times, then the probabilities of being lucky is barely just the once. We all know it isn’t straightforward, however there’s a hope you’ll receive Pure Vanilla Cookie someday.

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