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How To Draw Sonic Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

by Jan Sher
How To Draw Sonic Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing For Kids today’s lesson, we will take things slowly and methodically as we learn how to sketch Sonic the Hedgehog! This Sonic sketching instruction is so straightforward that even young babies and those who have never drawn before should have no trouble completing it.

You may quickly learn how to draw your own Sonic the Hedgehog sketches by downloading and printing out our three-page Drawing For Kids and following the steps. This will allow you to get started right away. This tutorial can be accessed at no cost to you.

Easy Sonic Drawing

To successfully draw Sonic the Hedgehog, you must adhere to the detailed directions provided below. After you have finished the rough sketch of your Sonic character, you can experiment with different coloring techniques using various mediums such as markers, colored pencils, watercolors, or whatever else you wish.

Our downloadable collection, in addition to being fully free to use, comes with the added plus of being able to be used as coloring pages, which is a lot of fun for young children. In light of this, you will be provided sketching instructions and a Sonic coloring page as part of a single project. Yay!


You must follow these simple steps to make your own Sonic doodle. To make use of our visual guide, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions and click on the download link that can be found in the following paragraph:

  • Let’s begin! In the beginning, draw out two different circles.
  • Draw the ears by making a line that curves up and out.
  • When constructing the head spikes of the creature, use curved lines instead of straight ones. Make sure to give them some bite, but don’t overdo it with the harshness of it.
  • Create a curve connecting all three forms by drawing an oval, two circles, one much larger than the other, and curved lines.
  • Draw two ovoids at an angle and place them on different layers to depict Sonic’s eyes.
  • Draw two different oval groups inside each eye socket, but these should be much more compact.
  • Create a curved line that begins at one side of the head and ends in the center of the eyes by beginning at the side of the head. Remove any lines that aren’t necessary.
  • Please provide further specifics as soon as possible! Include in your drawing a grin, two ovals for the nose, an arching line above the right eye, and a curve between the eyes. Also, make sure to include the nose.
  • Well done! You have done an excellent job in finishing the sketch of Sonic!
  • As an artist, you have a remarkable amount of natural talent. The incredible drawing that you did of Sonic can now be colored in if you’d like to. Have fun!

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