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How to draw cowboy boots

by Jan Sher
How to draw cowboy boots

How to draw cowboy boots. Cowboys hold a lot of fascination for a lot of people. From their appearances in many classic westerns to the particular style and culture associated with them, many can’t seem to get enough of cowboys! Cowboys can come in many variations and sport many styles, but most cowboys will wear a trusty pair of cowboy boots. Drawing cowboy boots is a great way to live the cowboy lifestyle without learning to saddle a horse!

It will be your tutorial to learn how to draw cowboy boots. Our step-by-step guide on drawing cowboy boots will show how fun and easy it can be to portray this classic shoe! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, wolf drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing cowboy boots

Step 1:

The boots we will depict in this guide on how to draw cowboy boots will be classic. It means they will be relatively tall and skinny, a drawing that most cowboy boots will follow! First, use slightly wavy lines with a few circles for the strap that emerges from the inside of the boot.

Then you can mark the beginning of the boot. It will be relatively flat and slightly inclined. There will also be a sharp drop in the brim at the front of the boot. Be sure to pull another strap over the other edge of the rim! Finally, draw a slightly jagged line for the back edge of this boot, then we can move on to step 2.

Step 2:

In this second step, we will add a lot to your cowboy boots drawing, so take it easy. First, use more jagged lines to extend the front and back edges of the boot. Then there will be three connected straps near the bottom of the boot. Yet, for this step, we will remove the bottom of the boot. Another slightly irregular line will be used for the downward angle from the front of the boot to the toe. Then there will be a relatively thick sole at the bottom. Please do your best to reproduce our example image as closely as possible when drawing; then, it’s time to move on to step 3!

Step 3:

Often cowboy boots will be customized with a few details, and these details can come in many different styles. In this step of our guide on drawing cowboy boots, we’ll add a great drawing that uses lots of hard curved lines to create a wavy look. You can also opt for this drawing, but feel free to add unique details if you prefer!

Step 4:

It’s time to add a second boot to your cowboy boot drawing! To do this, you must repeat what you did at the first start. You can add the top half of the second boot; this will include trim, straps, and details. Then you’re ready to add the rest in the next step, so let’s continue!

Step 5:

How to draw cowboy boots

This step of our guide on drawing cowboy boots will allow you to complete the outlines and final elements before moving on to the last step. It will mainly involve pulling the toe of the shoe to the right. You can start by drawing another strap using slightly curved lines. Next, draw the top and front of the boot and add a base. It should make it look like what the boot on the left looked like, so you can replicate what you did there!

Once you are done with this start, you can finish your details and additions. Cowboy boots often have intricate detailing, so you can add a few details to suit your tastes. You might also draw a great background, which is a perfect way to end the scene where those boots are on.

Step 6:

How to draw cowboy boots

Cowboy boots can be made from many materials, usually leather. In this final step of this cowboy boots drawing, we’ll color the image to show more of what they can be made of. Our reference image used lighter grays and browns for the boots to give them a distressed leather look. It is a step where you have a lot of freedom to color it.

You can use darker browns for an even stronger leather look or incorporate brighter colors you like for a tie-dye look. By changing your art medium, you can also achieve the look you want when coloring. Acrylic paints or color markers are ideal for more intense colors.

Take your cowboy boots drawing to the following level.

Journey to the wild west as we make this cowboy boots sketch even better! The drawing of the field boots that we have worked on in this guide has a highly elaborate style. A pair of cowboy boots can have many different styles, so you can customize the outfit you draw here. The style could be more straightforward and rugged or lean more toward a detailed look. It depends on your preferences, but this is your chance to create your perfect cowboy boots! What kind would you want to choose for this couple of rancher boots? When wearing cowboy boots, you can wear other clothes and accessories with them. 

These could be counted in this picture to create it more comprehensive. For example, you could have a cool belt and spurs that would go over cowboy boots. You can add a gun holster to complete the cowboy theme! This cowboy boot drawing would also benefit from a human character, which would be a fun way to take this artwork in a new direction. The character can be based on anyone you like or draw in style. One approach would be to draw the character based on a physical person you know, maybe even yourself. 

Or, they could be established on a traditional cowboy player like Clint Eastwood. Finally, whatever you decide to add or remove from this cowboy boot sketch, you can finish it with a background. If you kept the characters out of the composition, you could draw them with another team, maybe in a bedroom. If you added a cowboy, the background could be a dusty town or a saloon. These are just a few of the many background locations you can use, but where you want to place that image is up to you!

Your drawing of cowboy boots is finished!

This drawing adventure ends with the last step of this guide on taking off your cowboy boots. We hope you had a lot of fun with this guide, and we also hope it showed you how easy it can be when you know what to do. As long as you follow our steps, you’ll create awesome cowboy boots in no time! With this fabulous pair of drawn cowboy boots, you can take them further with your details! We mentioned how you could add decoration to the boots or draw a background as ideas, but what else would you like to add to this rendering? 

If you enjoyed working on this drawing guide with us, you could find your following guide on our website. There’s a huge selection with something for everyone, and we plan to release new ones soon! It would be interesting to see how you finished this cowboy boots drawing, so we hope you will share your creations on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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