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How to Draw a Pretzel A Step-by-Step Manual

by Jan Sher
How to Draw A Pretzel

How to Draw a Pretzel A Step-by-Step Manual

Foods will often be known for their visual complexity or great taste, but they won’t necessarily excel at both. However, some types of food fit both descriptions. The pretzel is one of them, as it is known to be a tasty snack and is famous for its distinctive twisted design.

However, this twisted design can also make it quite challenging to learn how to draw a pretzel. Fortunately, this tutorial in front of you is here to help make it that much easier. Our step-by-step guide on how to draw a pretzel in just 6 steps will show you how easy it can be to draw this famous twisted snack.

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How to Draw a Pretzel – let’s get Started!

Step 1

As we mentioned in the introduction to this guide on drawing a pretzel, this is a snack famous for its intricate design. This can make it intimidating to take on the challenge of learning to draw it, but we’ll get to it. Break it down into smaller steps to make it much more manageable. We will start with this first step.

To get started, you must draw a curved line that creates a long, rounded shape that points to the left. This shape will have a space at the top and connect to other parts of the pretzel. Right now, it may be hard to see how this shape will influence the design of the pretzel, but it will become clearer soon!

Step 2

To continue this drawing of pretzels, we’ll add another small section to the design. We’ll draw another rounded shape using a curved line to do this. This will extend from the side of the section you drew in the previous step to the page’s right side. Please do your best to draw these lines precisely as they appear in our reference image, as their placement will be vital as you add more pretzels.

Step 3

With the center drawn, we’ll start drawing one of the top sections in this step of our guide on drawing a pretzel. We’ll also draw one of the bottom sections, so let’s start with that. You can draw this bottom section using two curved lines below the two sections you drew in the first two steps.

Next, we’ll draw an enormous pretzel bow for the top section. This will extend near the edge of the part that sticks to the right. It will extend up and around before connecting near the center of the design. This can be a bit tricky, but if you take it easy and follow the image closely, then you should quickly complete this step!

Step 4

This step of your pretzel drawing will see you add another large loop of the pretzel. The following loop will go to the left and mirror the top right loop you drew. This means it will start near the section pointing to the left and go up and around to connect near the center. Once you’ve completed this section, you’ll complete all the complex parts! In the next step, we’ll add some final details to bring this image to life.

Step 5

Now that the outline for this food is complete, we can wrap it up with some final details in the next step of our guide on how to draw a pretzel. Pretzels often have tiny sesame seeds and grains of salt on their surface, and we’ll draw these details now. Just draw some little teardrop shapes on the surface of the pretzel for these seed details.

I could add even more if you like it! Adding some small round shapes could also represent some grains of salt on the surface. Once it’s finished, you can take this drawing further by adding an excellent background. By doing this, you could show what other foods you would like to enjoy with this pretzel. How will you complement it with your details?

Step 6

With the details and elements of this image now complete, you can complete this pretzel drawing with some color! Due to the ingredients, pretzels are made with, and the way they are baked is usually a darker brown. The color scheme we used in our reference image, but while we mostly stayed brown.

we created definitions by changing the hues used. Will you use similar shades to what we use, or do you think he’ll use some unique options? If you drew background details or other elements, don’t forget to color them too!

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