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How to Create Effective Headlines?

by Uneeb Khan
Effective Headlines

How to Create Effective Headlines? Taking a cue from an article by Charles Ngo, today I want to recommend some strategies to create captivating headlines for your articles, for your ads (ads), and your pages.

Creating captivating headlines is essential for everything you do: whether you have a blog and want to attract visitors, whether you want to get the most interactions on your Facebook page posts, or whether you want to get more views on your YouTube channel, creating captivating headlines is of paramount importance.

Charles Ngo, in his blog, wrote a very interesting article entitled  4 Systems to create effective  insurance Headlines, in which he gives some very interesting practical advice to write better headlines.

So let’s get to the heart of the matter and discover the  Headline Formulas!

1 – A great promise without any pain!

Anyone who wants benefits without paying for them. In other words, we all want to make money without suffering.

For example, what is the pain/suffering for those who want to lose weight? People hate going to the gym and dieting. Anyone knows what the solution is, but putting it into practice is a different story.

Promising your readers that they will be able to achieve their results without pain or effort will help you reach your goals (as long as you explain how to do it)!

The formula:  As [desired goal] without [common goal-related suffering]

Practical examples:

  • How to look 7 years younger without using Botox
  • How to lose weight without going to the gym
  • How to earn € 400 a day without selling anything

2 – The comparative Headline

People judge by what they know. It is called the “Anchor Effect” in psychology.

The formula:  [Your bid] is better than [known product]

Practical examples:

  • This game is better than Angry Birds
  • Our acne cream works 250% better.

In this scenario, we propose our product by advertising it as better than a product that our audience knows.

Apple said it was better than Windows. People are constantly trying to improve what they are already using!

3 – Promise instant gratification

People don’t have patience, which is why it’s important to give instant gratification.

Domino’s Pizza, in America, promises pizza delivery in 30 minutes or less, when you give people a specific time they are more receptive to your offer.

The formula: [The desired result] in [time – time frame]


  • Receive your quote in less than 2 minutes
  • Single? We will find you an appointment for this weekend
  • Repair your Android battery in 60 seconds

4 – Rebel against the experts

What if you discover something that experts do and don’t tell people? Think for example of titles with the word ” Secret “:

The formula: The Secret that [ the experts ] don’t want you to know


  • The SEO tool Matt Cutts doesn’t want you to know about
  • The secret to weight loss that personal trainers hide
  • Dentists hate moms who discover this way to whiten their teeth

So what are the steps to buy to write captivating headlines?

First of all, of course, you need to analyze the psychology behind these titles, looking at the most popular titles or those that receive the most interactions (even by studying the competitors and interactions on social networks), then you simply have to practice and try to write new ones everyday headline and new titles, perhaps creating a file on Evernote with some of the headline formulas you prefer or take inspiration from.

Examples of Effective Headlines

Here are some examples of effective headlines for your articles or ads:

  • Revealed the secret of XXX who succeeded in YYY
  • XXX Stunned: Who Revealed the SECRET FORMULA FOR YYY?
  • Getting [BENEFIT] like this means CHOKING: Here’s how to do XXX in YYY
  • Who wouldn’t want [ADVANTAGE] without [PAIN]?
  • Here’s what happened to [TESTIMONIAL] after trying [PRODUCT / SERVICE]

Always remember that a Headline should always convey strong emotion and be clear and precise.

An effective Headline can also include references to categories or authorities in the sector and often choose only one angle.

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