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How to Buy Vintage Jewellery

by Uneeb Khan
Jewellery Valuations

Vintage jewellery has financial, historic and sometimes sentimental values. People associate this jewellery with the bygone era. They represent a part of our culture and history which makes their valuation exclusive in the market.

Jewellery valuations for antique pieces are sometimes quite high due to their finish, materials and design. They are much better in quality compared to commercially produced ones.

Some of us often inherit peals or brooches from family. But due to a lack of knowledge, we don’t know the actual price of these jewellery pieces. That’s a reason why if inherited any family jewellery you should get it valued from specialists like Prestige Valuations. They also do expert jewellery repairing work.

When buying vintage bespoke jewellery in London, look for the architectural design of the piece. Jewellery from the early 1900s had a lot of nature-inspired motifs—flowers, butterflies. Old pieces of jewellery will definitely have signs of wear and tear. They have a soft, lived-in look with blunt edges on the prongs.

The clasps, earring hooks will have signs of wear. Also, clasps will be opening pretty smoothly without any resistance. Old vintage pearls may look bland and lose their lustre over the years. Pearls also have certain dull spots in them that happen when they contact with skin.

Wearing vintage jewellery has certain benefits

One of the major benefits was its environmental impact. When you buy vintage, you know that your money isn’t being used in the planet-damaging mining industry. It is a clean and eco-friendly way of living.

While modern jewellery can lose its value over time, vintage jewellery has done the resale value curve. So, it will most likely have the same value in the future or may even increase!

In the U.K, certain vintage jewellery is tax-exempt, which will save you money while investing.

But there are certain tips to keep in mind while buying vintage jewellery. To know about them, scroll down below!

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