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How to Apply Your Eye Cream Properly?

by Uneeb Khan
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The human eyes are said to be the window to the soul, and the look of fine lines and wrinkles may make you feel as if you’re showing a little too much. However, there is a reason why this area of your face ages more quickly: the skin that is present near your eyes is the thinnest on the body. It’s up to four times more transparent than the rest of your skin. That also means it loses water more quickly, resulting in apparent indications of aging. An anti-aging eye cream keeps the sensitive skin around your eyes moisturized and healthy, but it is critical to use eye cream correctly.

  • Start With Preparing Your Skin For Eye Cream 

It is crucial to prepare your skin for application before applying eye cream. Wash your hands first, and then cleanse your skin with your preferred cleanser. Pat your skin dry after cleansing (whether in the morning or at night). Then, use your favorite Teami serum or moisturizer (or both!). You are now all set to apply your eye cream! And it should go without saying, but always apply eye cream before applying makeup, such as concealer.

  • Applying your eye cream

The first rule of applying eye cream is to be gentle. When cleaning and removing makeup and applying anti wrinkle cream, never tug or pull on the eye area.

  • Step 1: Always use your ring finger for taking the eye cream

The eye cream has a higher concentration than other moisturizers. For both eyes, only a tiny quantity will be required. Because it’s such a delicate area, use your ring finger to apply it. Use the ring finger to apply eye cream with the least amount of pressure.

  • Step 2: Take the eye cream and apply the small cream dots from the outer brow bone to the inner corner

Do not vigorously massage your eye cream into your eyes. Begin by applying little dots to the under-eye area. Then, gently tap the area until the eye cream is absorbed. Again, avoid tugging or pulling on the skin. The skin under your eyes loses suppleness when you pull on it. It can also cause collagen damage and even capillary breakage, which contributes to the appearance of dark circles.

  • Step 3: Let your eye cream absorb 

It is critical to allow any skincare, particularly eye cream, to penetrate completely before wearing makeup. Makeup will not settle properly on your skin if it is not absorbed, and you will not achieve the desired effect!

The Anatomy of Choosing an Eye Cream

There are numerous anti wrinkle creams on the market, making it difficult to choose the one that is best for you. If you see an eye cream for dark circles, you could ponder if the eye cream for puffiness is preferable. 

Or you may come upon an anti-aging eye cream and question if it really helps. When selecting an eye cream, seek elements that will smooth, moisturize, and brighten your skin. Here are some elements to search for if you want to improve the skin appearance around your eyes.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine soothes the skin and aids in the reduction of under-eye puffiness. Another advantage is that, similar to how caffeine wakes you up when you take a coffee cup, it similarly awakens sleepy eyes by minimizing the look of dark circles.

  • Niacinamide

This skincare superstar provides numerous benefits, including enhancing the integrity of the skin barrier (the body’s first line of defense), lowering redness, and reducing discoloration.

  • Vitamin C

Dark circles are usually considered one of the most difficult aspects of preserving the appearance of healthy eyes. Vitamin C aids in the reduction of under-eye circles and redness in general.

Benefits of Eye Cream 

Even if you contemplate that you need it right now, eye cream is a wise preventative precaution to maintain skin firm and supple in the long run. However, there are numerous additional reasons to use it! Here are some advantages to using an eye cream or gold collagen eye mask on a regular basis:

  • Eye cream aids in the prevention of common indications of aging.

Dehydration and environmental stresses are two of the most common causes of dull, weary, and slack-looking skin. A natural eye treatment rich in antioxidants and moisture-retaining components (such as our own Eyes Eyes Baby) can help keep these assailants at bay.

  • It decreases the presence of wrinkles and fine lines.

What else may antioxidants, vitamins, and hydrators help with? Smoothing and rejuvenating the skin, resulting in fewer wrinkles and expression lines.

  • It reduces the appearance of puffiness.

Puffiness induced by fluid buildup can be caused by a variety of factors, including sleep deprivation, allergies, and age. Ingredients in the best eye creams help to lessen these visual indicators of exhaustion.

  • Customized hydration is provided by the eye cream.

The delicate part of the skin around your eyes needs a unique type of hydration, which eye cream or gold collagen eye mask delivers. It accomplishes this with precisely the proper concentration of chemicals that will not irritate or dry up the skin further.

  • It evens out skin tone

Skin that has been nourished and moisturized appears brighter and healthier. Add in renewing vitamins to keep buildup and irritants at bay, and you’ll have a radiant, even skin tone.

  • It prepares your skin for makeup application

Eye creams are excellent for smoothing and reducing the appearance of dark patches and puffiness. This allows concealer to be applied more evenly and prevents it from piling up in expression lines during the day.

  • It relaxes tired eyes

To soothe your under-eye region, eye creams contain calming and nutritious ingredients. These eye creams are also rich and creamy or light and non-greasy, with a slight chill to the temperature. Let forth a sigh of relief.

What To Do For Obtaining Most Out of Eye Cream? 

There are a few aspects you can do to maximize the effectiveness of your eye cream. Always apply skincare products in the order of thinnest to thickest. Apply the moisturizer first if your anti-aging eye cream is thicker than your moisturizer, and vice versa! Here are some more pointers:

Take it easy: Use a light touch; otherwise, you may irritate your skin.

Give it Time: Allow time for your eye cream to sink in and settle before moving on to the next step.

Maintain consistency: Be an effort not to miss a day, and make sure to apply your eye cream both morning and night. It’s the only way to attain great outcomes.

Cool it down: If your eye cream’s formulation allows it, try storing it in the refrigerator. A cooler environment might assist in refreshing, de-puff, and relieving tired eyes.

Moisture is your ally: Applying eye cream to slightly wet skin allows it to absorb more effectively.

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