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How React Native Can Lower your App Development Cost

by Uneeb Khan

What is React Native?

Reactive Native, also known as RN, is a JavaScript framework used to build natively rendering mobile apps for Android and iOS. It leverages a set of UI components to efficiently launch production-ready, cross-platform mobile applications. 

Top-notch companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Skype are powered by  React Native in their Mobile app development. It has huge community support, so you will be able to find out the solutions you need.

Here are some benefits of using React Native app development.

Platform Consistency

In React Native, which is a cross-platform mobile app development framework, the difference in UI design of iOS and Android is handled by default. Here, the same codebase is shared on both platforms which help to build robust apps with less effort. It reduces the overall cost required for each platform and is 30% cheaper than native mobile app development.

Faster Development

With cross-platform mobile solutions using React Native, the React Native developers in India or anywhere can reuse a significant portion of the app’s code across platforms. They can use one code base to build projects that support multiple devices, leading to faster development. So we can reduce time-to-market and save a lot of time taken for development and lower development cost.

  • Code Reusability

In Native app development, it is necessary to write separate code for Android and iOS, which is normally done by different teams of developers. In React Native, we can use a single codebase for different platforms and save a lot of time. Here, the resource required to work on a project can be reduced, thereby, we can lower the development cost.

UI/UX design

Design is an important aspect of the development of any mobile app. Designers can utilise React Native to provide a consistent and fully optimised user interface that works across iOS and Android. In Native app development, you require unique architecture for each device, which is more costly and requires more time for designing. Using React Native is a faster and more cost-effective approach when compared to development that needs separate UI elements for each device.

Real-Time Testing

React Native consists of a function called “Fast Refresh” that can simply enhance the development process. With it, you don’t have to test, and gather the entire application every time you make a single change to the codebase; React Native does everything for you. Any update in the application codebase can be prompted much faster with Fast Refresh and helps developers test applications in real-time. Thus, it is a more efficient method that can accelerate the app development process. 

Seamless Third-party Integration

While incorporating a mobile app, the main factor we need to consider is whether it can be compatible with local apps such as Bluetooth, Camera, and GPS. This is not always possible with cross-platform app development, but React Native permits engineers the flexibility of using built-in device features seamlessly. Here. we can avoid adding extra features that are required to maintain local mobile apps and can reduce app development costs.

Best Learning Curve

React Native is a framework based on javascript, which most developers are familiar with. Therefore, React Native developers are always available. Engineers can easily adapt to the latest updations in React Native and thus it has only a shorter learning curve. You do not need to pay additional cash to employ dedicated developers, those who are experienced with javascript can assist you in the development.


React Native is a good choice for building mobile apps because it focuses on lowering development time and cost. By using this framework, we can altogether save up to 30% of the total development cost.

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