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How Does the Biometric Attendance Time Machine Work?

by Uneeb Khan
Bio metric attendance

In today’s business world, biometric time and attendance systems are becoming increasingly popular for tracking employee attendance. Biometric systems are simple to set up and use, and they keep track of employee data for management to look at.

The fact that these systems prevent employees from clocking in for each other is their greatest benefit. A timer, a sign-in sheet, and swiping an ID card were previous methods. Employee time theft is reduced as a result of these systems’ stronger honor system.

How Biometric Technologies Work?

Employees’ fingerprints are used by biometric time and attendance machine price to determine who actually clocks in and out of work each day. The employee’s finger is scanned by the system, its coordinates are determined, and the endpoints and intersections of the fingerprint are mapped by the system.

The employee’s references to the system are then compared to these. Employees will not be able to use the biometric system to clock in and out of work each day if they have not been entered into the system.

Safe Biometric Systems

There is a lot of concern that outside organizations, like law enforcement agencies, might be able to hack into biometric systems and gain access. This is not correct. A biometric absence tracker has no known vulnerabilities. Only the company that makes use of the system can use it and access its data. Most of the time, these systems can only be used to track time and attendance and give employees access to specific parts of the building.

Other than the employee’s fingerprint and the employee ID number, face recognition in biometrics uses no personal information. The biometric system does not use the employee’s social security number or any other personal information, like their birthdate. The system is so safe because of this. There is no personal information that is valuable enough to be stolen, even if it is hacked, which is highly unlikely.

Two Types Of Technology Are Used

Software for biometric absence management makes use of two kinds of technology: capacitive and image-based. When software uses a scanner to take a picture of a fingerprint, image-based technology is used to create a biometric template for each employee. When software uses electronic pulses on a touchscreen to feel the ridges on a fingerprint to create an endpoint and merge point template, this is called capacitive technology.

Capabilities for Mobile

Because biometric systems can be used on the go, remote workers can still clock in and out while they’re on the go. This is ideal for businesses where employees frequently make deliveries or house calls for repairs in company vehicles. Because they won’t be in direct view of management, you will be able to keep track of their time spent at work and ensure that they aren’t abusing the timer.


Biometric systems are the best choice for keeping track of paid time off. Using biometric-based PTO tracking software, it is easier to keep track of when employees are due paid time off and how many additional hours they must work before receiving it.

Biometric time and attendance systems are cost-effective, user-friendly, and simple to set up. They prevent unauthorized use of company time and do not pose a security risk to the personal data of employees.

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