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How Daycare Treatment is different from OPD Treatment?

by Jan Sher
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Due to inflation, everything is getting costlier by the day. Therefore, it is quite important for all of us to dave our hard-earned income as much as we can in every step. One of our prime investments should be buying a health insurance policy. Many people think this is something that they are never going to us. Seldom do they realize that we all get sick at one or the other point in life. And as the medical charges are getting higher, having a health insurance policy can save a lot of our money.

Nevertheless, while you are buying a health insurance policy, make sure that you choose only the best insurance company. How do you understand if a company is the best for you? Well, the first thing to consider is the claim settlement ratio (CSR). If the CSR of a company is 99%, it means 99 claims of the customers have been settled by the company in the last year. Once you find an insurance company with a higher claim settlement ratio, you can then look for health insurance policies offered by the company, that suit you.

As we talk about health insurance policy, can we avail of the benefits only when we are hospitalized? Well, the answer is no! Not all types of medical treatment need you to be hospitalized. You can enjoy the health insurance benefits even for OPD treatment. 

Many people consider OPD treatment and daycare treatment the same. However, these two differ. Before you finalize your health insurance policy, you need to be very clear about the difference between these two. So let us discuss OPD treatment vs daycare treatment here today.

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Daycare Treatment

Not all the treatments need you to stay back at the hospital for a few days. With the exponential growth of technology in these years, many procedures are done fast. If you are getting eye surgery, chemotherapy, dental surgery, hemodialysis you will not even have to stay at the hospital and will be released in just an hour or so. Even if you are not hospitalized for treatment at the hospital for many days, your health insurance policy will still provide coverage for the same. However, the coverage, whether partial or complete, may differ from one insurance company to the other. Therefore, you need to be very sure about it before buying it.

Outpatient Department (OPD) Treatment

OPD treatment refers to the kind of treatments where the patients who are not hospitalized can seek treatment. This is more of consultation with a doctor than any treatment.

The main difference between these two is that for OPD, you do not need to be hospitalized at all, while for daycare treatment, you would be required to be hospitalized even for an hour or so.

How to claim settlements for OPD and Daycare treatments?

Claiming settlement for daycare treatment is similar to the process of regular hospitalization. For claiming the settlement, you have to submit all the documents that are related to your treatment. To claim settlement for OPD treatment, you will actually need a reimbursement. You can clear the bill and then file a claim for reimbursement. However, you have to submit the receipt of bill payment and even your prescription.

Nevertheless, when you are opting for a health insurance policy, you must check the terms and conditions for daycare and OPD treatment. To know the health insurance policies that provide coverage for these treatments, you can take a look at the website of IIFL. You will be able to come across various types of health insurance policies offered by various insurance companies. For better understanding, you can also use the health insurance premium calculator that you can find on the website of IIFL.

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