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Hillandale Farms- Sustainable Practices in a Bid To Reduce Carbon Footprint

by Jan Sher

There are several farms that practice sustainability to protect the land and the environment. With the help of emerging technologies, sustainable practices, and techniques, these farms are able to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the planet for future generations successfully. 

Hillandale Farms- an esteemed name in sustainable farming practices in the USA

Hillandale Farms specializes in food production and provides farm products and egg shells. It is located in Spring Grove in, Pennsylvania, in the USA. The team of experts here is known for their emphasis on sustainability, and this is why several businesses and individuals in the region trust them. 

In February 2011, the company invested $3.5 million in a facility for water treatment to manage the water deployed for washing its eggs in a responsible and intelligent manner. With the help of a nitrification/denitrification process, the water from the egg wash is purified, later filtered, and then goes back to the ground in a manner that is environmentally sustainable. 

Deployment of solar power

The company deploys solar power at multiple facilities and has worked in close association with the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, which leverages resources for driving investments and boosting the clean energy infrastructure of the state. It also uses a method that focuses on in-house composting in the high-rise layer chicken houses for enhancing pest control and reducing flies that surround the compost with the additional advantage of making essential reductions in the usage of products for fly control. 

The installation of solar panels

Besides their large-scale efforts like the installation of structures for solar power, Hillandale, Connecticut, has incorporated multiple practices for saving energy on a small scale. These steps have a significant impact on the environment, for instance, the switching on and off of the motion sensor in buildings and offices, the installation of high-efficiency lights in all warehouses, processing, and office buildings, and the transitioning of LED lights in the chicken houses. 

An environment that is focused on safety

The Farms work with the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Division on a continuous basis. OSHA offers cooperative and voluntary programs that are focused on the reduction of illnesses and injuries. It conducts services for on-site consultation, assuring that the facilities at Hillandale comply with all the standards under OSHA to identify possible safety as well as health dangers to avoid potential risks. 

All the farmers at Hillandale Farms are aware of the importance of environmental sustainability, and this is why they tread carefully when it comes to farming practices. For them, sustainability is the focal in their lives and values. They deploy emerging technologies and techniques that boost the quality of life for employees, chickens, and customers. In short, they go to great lengths to reduce the impact on the environment and reduce carbon footprint. 

In a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, they make a sincere endeavor to keep their farms close to their customers. They bank on the complete optimization of solar and wind power for their farming activities. 

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