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Having the right tech partner for your business: points to consider

by Uneeb Khan
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How does a startup move forward? Hard work,dedication,successful pitch events, fundraising, management, HR, and lots more. Interestingly enough, ideas are as good as they are implemented. You might have an evolutionary idea or aonce-in-a-lifetime business model, but how will you execute it? And here comes the picture technology partner for startups’

Besides other things, it’s the technology partner responsible for executing your ideas. Look around you and look at each successful startup and business. The common factor will be the successful culmination of ideas and technology. Starting with the famous example of Steve Jobs, being the idea-guy, and Steve Wozniak, being the tech-guy, you can find many examples in today’s world like Netflix, Pinterest, Abode, Big Music, etc.

What to watch out for?

While choosing your technology partner, you need to be aware of a few things. You can consider the following things before you seek technology:

  • Surround yourself with valuable people who can be trusted in the long run.
  • Learn your basics regarding technology to grasp the things they are going to offer you.
  • Understand your model or project thoroughly so that they don’t dilute your aspirations when you merge with other people.

When you are ready to amalgamate yourself into the tech world, there are five essential factors that you need to look out for when you want a technology partner for startups:

  1. Business Type:

The tech stack that you require, by and large, depends on the type of project that you have in mind. You can opt for precise and advanced tools or go for a standard system depending upon the complexity of your business plan. 

  • If you have a strong base but limited resources or technical knowledge, it is best for you to hire offshore software development for your company.
  1. The People around you:

The expertise of your team plays a vital role while choosing the tech stack for your startup. 

  • The quality of human resources at your disposal makes it very handy while negotiating with your tech counterparts.
  1. Market situation:

When seen from a business perspective, the type of whirlwind that flows in the market ultimately affects your equation with everyone, including the technocrats. So here, you can act like a game-changer.

  • You decide to let a storm pass and be an extreme opportunist when the conditions are favorable. This will either make you the debonair in the industry or deprive you of the monetary rewards.
  1. Required workhorses!

This is something you can be very proactive about. Big industry giants already employ qualitative technocrats. However, hiring a formidable pool of workhorses is difficult for the marketplace already affected by a shortage of resources.

  • Your foresight and business instinct will take a toll while going through this aspect.
  1. Is it scalable?
  • No matter how innovative, creative or passionate you are, it’s the revenue that will make you alive in the race. 

It is imperative to analyze the scalability of the services that you are opting for. It must be productive enough to generate a sustainable quantity of outputs.

What can you take away?

Whether you want to lay a successful plan out of your ideas, whether you want to woo your investors in the pitch events, or you want to execute all your plans into perfection, there is no other way out other than a competent technology partner for startups.

Having a basic understanding of the overall scenario regarding the equation of technology with business, you can move ahead towards collaboration with tech-geeks. If you go through the steps mentioned above and look out for the essential factors discussed above, you will sail through the process of making your startup a successful business venture.

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