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Have a great Hosting experience with Serverwala’s France VPS

by Uneeb Khan

With the advancement in virtualization technology, virtual private server hosting is becoming a foremost choice for many website owners. Further, the France VPS is the most effective and extremely popular hosting solution for websites that have perhaps outgrown shared server hosting but do not quite require dedicated server hosting. Being a middle ground between the two, VPS provides enhanced hosting benefits, heightened security, boosted performance, and more resources at an affordable cost. In this article, you will get detailed insights into the best VPS hosting service for your website – Serverwala’s France VPS hosting. Let us initiate by highlighting the functioning and beneficial privileges of the virtual private server hosting.

France VPS and what are its useful benefits?

The France Virtual Private Server is powered through hypervisor technology. This technology is employed in order to divide a physical server into multiple, independent virtual servers. Each France VPS server gets its own set of resources. It functions completely isolated from the other virtual private servers running on the same physical server. With this, you obtain a similar environment as a dedicated server without compromising on the most affordable cost. Following are the valuable benefits that you acquire with the France VPS server –

High availability of resources

With virtual private server hosting, you acquire the dedicated web resources to host your website. Further, you also obtain the high scalability that helps you have the high availability of resources as well as the highest uptime for your website’s smooth functioning.

Better website’s data security

It enables the private and autonomous hosting environment for hosting your website. This helps your website to have high data security. You also get the possibility to execute as many measures as required in order to ensure the complete website’s data security.

Unique IP address

Your website also gets a unique IP address, i.e., a dedicated IP address with the VPS hosting. The dedicated IP address enables your website not to get recognized for the operations or activities done by other websites on the web.

Root access

You can acquire root access to your France VPS from your hosting provider. With root access to your server, you get the capability to configure, customize, and run your virtual private server. This helps your website perform seamlessly.

Features that make Serverwala’s France VPS worth investing in

About Serverwala

Serverwala is a top-notch web hosting company all over the globe. It has acquired great recognition through acquiring various awards for providing high-grade virtual private server hosting services and facilities. The company has also been leading in upholding and upgrading the standards of web hosting services worldwide. You will obtain the support of top-tier equipment and the latest technologies while hosting your website on the company’s virtual private server. Check out the features, advantages, and hosting plans of the Serverwala France VPS in the following segments –

Features and Advantages of France VPS hosting

Full Root Access

The company ensures that you get complete root control of your server. With this, you attain the benefit of operating and managing your France Virtual Private Servers without any constraints. Consequently, you become capable of meeting all the necessities of your website.

DDoS Protection

You receive the Serverwala VPS having ultra-secure firewalls. It is highly compact and robust. Your system will have the power to witness the incoming hostile threats automatically and then, executing the needed safeguards to secure your data. You will have the guarantee of having your website’s data completely secured from all the DDoS attacks and other security attacks.

1 GBPS Network Speed

You obtain secure connections along with the maximum band of the network. As a result, your website will be able to deliver the twenty times faster connectivity experience and highest speed to the end-users.

Supermicro’s Chassis

You get the support of the best state-in-class processor with the company’s VPS hosting. Also, the company renders a SuperMicro blade to monitor and maintain your virtual private server.

High Scalability

The company lets you upgrade your France Virtual private server resources easily and swiftly in no time. You can scale up the web hosting resources and the services as and when required by your website.

Monthly 20 TB Data Transfer

You acquire the benefit of employing the data transfer rate up to 20 TB monthly with the company’s virtual private server hosting plan.

99.99% Uptime Network

The company also provides the assurance of rendering redundant power and high-tech network flexibility with the 99.99% uptime network. With this, your website gets the opportunity to acquire the highest uptime and zero downtime.

Additional services

You will obtain the additional hosting services and features with your France VPS hosting plan such as simple licensing, self-service control, etc.

Serverwala’s affordable France VPS Plans

Serverwala web hosting company offers a different range of VPS hosting plans from Starter to enterprise package. Each VPS hosting plan comes at a cheap price. They provide SSD storage to intensify the web page loading speed considerably. Your website will also have the security-as-a-service and higher reliability with the company’s virtual private server hosting plan. Moreover, the company offers discounts on the plans that you purchase for a long-term basis, for say, annually. The Serverwala France VPS plan starts at a price as low as $19 per month and enables you to get a discount of up to 8%.

Linux VPS Plan

Windows VPS Plan


The Serverwala VPS comes with the options of both managed as well as unmanaged hosting services. So, you get the choice to pick the managed VPS hosting service in case you do not wish to control or run your virtual private server entirely on your own for any reason. On the other hand, if you need to have complete control and authority of your VPS under you, you can go for an unmanaged VPS hosting service. With either kind of web hosting service, Serverwala ensures the support of 24/7 technical assistance through experienced professionals. Browse the company’s official website to get further details about the cheapest and best France VPS hosting services for your website.

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