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Hardware Store And DIY Shop That Has All Home Items In Singapore?

by Uneeb Khan
Hardware Store And DIY Shop That Has All Home Items In Singapore?

With so many Hardware stores and DIY shops in Singapore, it might be challenging to choose one worth visiting. Moreover, gadgets and residential equipment such as televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, and kitchens are not inexpensive.

That is not anything you need to be worried about., happily since we’ve covered you with our list of the Top 10 Home Appliances Stores in Singapore.

Mega Warehouse Sale:

Mega Discount Store, founded in 1994, provides high-quality modern products at a low price with superior customer service. We offer various items from makers, including audio/visual equipment, gadgets, home and kitchen products, and accessories.

Most of its items are received directly from manufacturers such as LG, Bosch, Mitsubishi, NEC, Hitachi, Toshiba, Phillips, and Samsung. In addition, to paying and carrying, MDS offers delivery and installation via its delivery staff.


Suppose you want to purchase home appliances, cooking stoves, kitchen items, bathroom products, ceiling fans, and lights locally. In that case, Sgappliances.com is an excellent place to start. Many of their items are priced significantly lower than online store sites in Singapore.

As you are aware, internet platforms are not free. They must earn money from the sellers via incentives, delivery, and the GST tax. Buying directly from Sgappliances.com saves you money, but the bulk of the goods come with free shipping and, even better, no GST.

The majority of the goods are in stock and available for immediate local delivery. Check out Sgappliances.com now if you’re seeking to buy or replace your cooktops, hoods, ceiling fans, kitchen sinks and faucets, basin cabinets and faucets, wall mirrors, and other kitchen appliances.

Electrical goods supplied by Sgappliances.com are Safety Mark compliant and suited for local usage, providing more peace of mind.

Bosch Residence:

Bosch appliances will be produced globally by 2020. The Group’s 40 manufacturing locations are spread throughout Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Asia. Bosch provides deliberately built German technology to customers worldwide via a global solid sales, manufacture, and support network.

Their unique vented cooktop combines the power of induction cooking with ventilation technology, allowing you to cook and trap steam on a single sleek surface.

This simple design removes the need for a separate cooker hood while freeing up overhead space. Their vented cooktop, ideal for kitchen islands or kitchens with sloped ceilings, gives customers a new kitchen and much-needed flexibility.

Robert Bosch founded his company in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1886, with only two employees. In 2016, 375,000 workers worldwide will commemorate their company’s anniversary.

Throughout its 130-year history of quality-driven engineering, the business has grown to become one of Germany’s ten most significant companies, operating in over 150 countries. An accurate success tale.

Denki BEST DENKI runs one of Japan’s most significant chain shop networks. They continually create new retail ideas such as multimedia-oriented period stores, knowledge exchanges, and housing-related specialty shops.

At the same time, they are constantly modernizing its current DIY shops to satisfy the changing demands of its consumers. Moreover, they have expanded internationally, having branches throughout South East Asia, and intend to focus on critical new markets. Each unit in this broad network delivers the high-quality service most suited to that location.

Singapore Candy:

Candy’s daring and foresighted activity in the electrical appliances sector begins in 1945, when Enzo, one of the three Fumagalli brothers, returns home to Monza from the United States, where he was held as a war prisoner, with the idea of developing a washing machine.

No, his brother, who had opened a small mechanical business with his father, Eden, had the vision to concentrate on electrical products. Peppino, the youngest of the brothers, devotes himself to developing a successful company’s management and administration framework.

Candy washing machines have continually been developed to fulfill Italian families’ requirements, where the need for less housework and more comfort is increasing.

Mayer Marketing:

Their history started in 1987. Mayer Marketing was formed in Singapore and has since become a significant supplier of high-quality home and kitchen appliances. KHIND Holding Berhad officially bought Mayer Marketing Pte Ltd in 2012.

Following the purchase, the firm changed course and is now committed to sourcing for its house labels, Mayer and Mistral, and bringing in recognized brands such as Aqua Optima, Honeywell, and Natural. They aim to identify brands and goods that are fashionable, trustworthy, durable, and reasonably priced for the discriminating buyer.

Rina (Electrical) Pvt Ltd:

Rina (Electrical), founded in 1967, provides a one-stop solution for all kitchen and laundry care appliance requirements, providing a broad selection of major household brand items. They identify as a niche player in this competitive sector because of their in-depth product expertise and excellent after-sales service assistance.

Rina (Electrical) works closely with primary brand Principals and Suppliers to bring in the newest and most dependable home appliances on the market.

Moreover, they constantly collect and analyze input from their consumers, house designers, and architects to assist them in further simplifying and enhancing their product offers, guaranteeing that the electrical home appliances they sell are of the best quality and level.


YeobuildHomeStore assists you in outfitting your home with the best-suited appliances, resulting in a home you and your family can love.

Their origins may trace back to YeobuildHomeRepair, an established house repair company that started in Singapore in 1980. They fully believe that every malfunctioning piece of equipment deserves a second chance, and their repair services are second to none!

However, appliances are to endure forever. We understand your annoyance when a diagnostic fee is required for an unfixable device!

They maintain the notion that they take care of your house so that you may take care of your family. YeobuildHomeStore was founded with such value in mind! Their mission is to make replacing an expired appliance simple and to care for your house so you can care for your family!

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