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COPHCL Provides Power Demand For Gwadar Free Zone

by Uneeb Khan
Gwadar Free Zone

Professor Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister of Planning. and Development and Special Initiatives. has provided the China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHCL). with the exact power demand of the Gwadar Free Zone and his ten years of power consumption by the Gwadar Free Zone. I asked you to share your plans for Zone company for determining. the exact usage of electricity at his 300 MW coal-fired power project in Gwadar.

Gwadar district’s economic development

The minister made the remarks on Wednesday. while he presided over a meeting. to review the progress of a 300MW coal-fired power project. The meeting attended by the President of COPHCL. Chairman of Gwadar Port Authority, GPA and other stakeholders. The project designed in 2016. under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CEPC). and expected to serve approximately 150,000 local residents by the end of 2023. The project aims to improve the reliability of the local power supply. which will help gradually solve the current Gwadar district’s economic development. and urban construction problems constrained by power shortages. The government is working on powering the Gwadar Free Zone. while presiding over the meeting. the Planning Minister said. that COPHECL should communicate to us the exact demand. for electives in order to avoid capacity issues in the future.

Major projects under the CPEC

It should noted that all major projects under the CPEC framework. such as the Gwadar Power Plant. the new Gwadar International Airport project. the China-Pakistan Friendship Hospital. and the China-Pakistan Technical Vocational Training Institute in Eastern Gwadar. are all located in Gwadar. Gwadar Bay. The Gwadar Expressway. Gwadar Free Zone. and Gwadar Port projects will become shining pearls in the region. The minister added. that he is already working on two transmission line projects from Iran. where the government will increase electricity demand. The minister said less demand would have a negative impact as the country is already facing an energy crisis. and the project needs precise requirements for electricity to push forward. insisting the participation of Chinese companies. are doing. long term power consumption. Plan of Gwadar Free Zone.

Revive several development projects

The current government has reinstated. all his CPEC projects since taking office in April this year. The previous administration stopped all projects. Prime Minister Shabazz Sharif said CPEC is a top priority. for the government and the recent Joint Cooperation Committee is one of the examples. in which the two sides agreed to revive several development projects already in China. We guarantee our counterparts. The first foray of the ‘Pakistan Electric Wire Manufacturing Company. follows a warm exchange between the parties. that ushers in an era of waves of business activity in Gwadar. Pakistan’s regional business hub. According to Gwadar Pro, among the many companies registered. operating or in the process of incorporating in Gwadar Free Zone. Phase 1 and Gwadar Free Zone Phase 2. Pakistani wire maker Copper gate operates its own manufacturing unit. If all business prospects give off promising sentiment.

The export business

You will not only involved in the export business. but also contribute to the domestic market. Copper gate is a multinational electric wire manufacturer headquartered in Lahore. with operations in his 14 cities across Pakistan. South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Prospects for deal maturity are on the rise. after Chairman Zhang Baozhong of China Overseas Ports Holding Company (COPHC). recently met in Gwadar with Copper gate Pakistan business his adviser Widad Durrani. and his Zonal Director Mansoor Ali. They have expressed the company’s plans to set up a manufacturing base in Gwadar. Demand for electrical appliances and related materials is increasing. as the pace of manufacturing accelerates. in the second phase of the Gwadar Free Zone.

Gwadar’s industrialization trend

They thought that in addition to meeting local demand. the establishment of a production unit in Gwadar could serve. as a catalyst for Gwadar’s industrialization trend. Recently, business activity in the Gwadar Free Zone has gained momentum. mainly due to the efforts of Zhang Baozhong. The chairman explained that COPHC has invested. more than $300 million in the development of Gwadar Port. and in the next few years he plans to invest $3 billion. In addition, the Chinese government has so far disbursed. more than 5 billion yuan of his to Gwadar’s social sector. A Chinese company plans to build a $5 million worth of oil refinery in the free zone.

Infrastructure work

It known that if ‘Copper jet’. is to start operations in the Gwadar Free Zone (Phase II). it will require abundant raw materials. Fortunately. HK Sun, a mineral processing industry in the Gwadar Free Zone. can provide the necessary raw materials. Industrial cooperation between the two countries is mutually beneficial. Gwadar’s manufacturing dreams are already beginning to come true. Spreading an area of 60 acres the construction. of the first phase of the Gwadar Fort Free Zone has completed. with the operation of all infrastructure including power water and roads. About 47 companies registered. More than eight factories are fully operational. and several others are under construction.

Art fertilizer processing plant

Meanwhile, the “Gwadar Free Zone (Phase II). will enter the formal process after starting the process of land allocation. and soil testing by registered companies. Agbon, a Chinese company, has officially moved in. According to the agreement. Agvon will build a state-of-the-art fertilizer processing plant within a stipulated time frame. Ten acres of land have allocated to another company, Hang Geng. Infrastructure work will begin after completing. the compulsory licensing process in accordance with the specified rules and regulations. The company plans to operate a pharmaceutical factory. that manufactures pharmaceuticals from animal skins.

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