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Free Simple Tricks to Reduce the Outlook Mailbox Size

by Jan Sher
reduce outlook mailbox size

An Outlook mailbox can be up to 100 GB in size. This can become a problem if your mailbox is full, or if you want to move your mailbox to a different computer. You can reduce the size of your Outlook mailbox by deleting old messages, moving messages to folders, and disabling features that you don’t use.

In this article, we will go through some simple ways to reduce the size of your Outlook mailbox at no cost.

Why reduce the Outlook mailbox size?

Coupled with a healthy email marketing program, reducing the outlook mailbox size can be a powerful way to boost your email open rates and engagement.

There are a few reasons why reducing the outlook mailbox size can be beneficial.

First, smaller Outlook folders can help you better manage your email. This means you can more easily find and access your messages, which can lead to a higher rate of engagement. It will also help you better manage your email inbox as well as increase the rate of productivity.

Besides, shorter outlook mailboxes can help you better manage your email time. This means you can more easily focus on the most important messages and ignore the rest.

Benefits of reducing PST file size

Many Outlook users just neglect to delete their unwanted emails, files, and attachments. That’s why sometimes mailboxes become full and cause errors. There are many benefits to reducing the size of your PST file.

  • Storage space is less necessary.
  • Shortened the backup period
  • Decreased network activity.
  • Reduced server load.
  • Lowering costs for backup storage.
  • We shortened the time needed for PST file recovery.
  • Quick deployment of new software.

Free and Simple Tricks to Reduce Outlook Mailbox Size

If you are like most people, your mailbox is inundated with mail. A large percentage of this mail is unnecessary and could be reduced if it were sorted better. The following are three basic ways to reduce your outlook mailbox size:

  1. Sort your mail by subject. This will help you quickly identify the types of messages you need to read.
  2. Create filters to automatically discard mail that is not important to you.
  3. Use the “archive” function to store older messages for later retrieval.

Sort large files and delete them

We believe that deleting the unnecessary large folders is the best and most simple solution.But manually selecting and deleting files one-by-one is time-consuming. That’s why you can follow the below steps to free up some space in a smart way.

  • Firstly, on your Outlook application. Click the “Search folder” in the folder list, then pick the “New Search folder.”
reduce outlook mailbox size -1
  • Select large mail from the list under “Organizing Mail” as you scroll down. Under “Customize Search Folder,” click Choose.
reduce outlook mailbox size -2
  • Input the size in the “Mail size” window. We have provided 6000 KB as an instance.
reduce outlook mailbox size -3
  • A folder called “Larger Than 6000 KB” will be created at once (if any folder larger than 6000 KB exists) under Search Folders. All emails larger than 6000 KB will automatically be added to this newly formed folder.

Now, you can check if it is necessary for you or not. If not, then you can delete these large files and soon in your mailbox you will get more space.

Use Microsoft’s Mailbox Cleanup tool

By using the settings in the Outlook Cleanup Tool, you can reduce the size of your inbox. You don’t need to pay to use this tool. Besides, it is a built-in utility by Microsoft, which is why it is completely safe to use.

  • To access the mailbox cleanup tool, navigate to File > Info > Cleanup Tools.
  • In this “Cleanup Tools” window, you will find three major actions to do. The first is “Mailbox Cleanup,” the second is “Empty Deleted Items Folder,” and the last one is “Archive”.
  • You may see your mailbox size and mailbox folder sizes by using the “Mailbox Cleanup” option. Additionally, you can find goods that are bigger or older than the limit.
reduce outlook mailbox size -4
  • To automatically relocate your unwanted items to a different folder, select “AutoArchive”. The objects you need to archive can be filtered using its advanced features. Additionally, you have the option of browsing for the location where you should save your archived stuff.
  • You can permanently remove all the items from the “Deleted Items folder” by clicking the “Empty” button. Prior to that, you may see the sizes of any deleted files and subfolders.

These two methods are the easiest and most reliable. Besides, you can try to compress the Outlook PST file. But it may damage your PST file and there is a huge possibility of losing your valuable data.

How can I reduce the PST file size without deleting anything?

To free up mailbox space, deleting unwanted attachments, emails, etc. is necessary. But reducing PST files without deleting anything is possible only by dividing the PST into multiple parts with a splitter tool. We strongly recommend the Regain PST Splitter tool. Its user-friendly interface and excellent quality will absolutely surprise you.


Reducing the Outlook mailbox size is necessary to prevent unwanted problems with your Outlook application. You can absolutely clean up unwanted emails to reduce the mailbox size as a primary solution. But whenever you don’t want to lose any data, then go for any PST splitter tool. For more blogs visit: Click Here

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