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Five Ways to Attract Men On a First Date

by Uneeb Khan

First dates may be quite stressful. They might make us feel highly uneasy and fearful that our anxieties would lead us to behave in ways we will later regret.

I recall numerous first dates when I was experiencing an out-of-body experience and felt flushed and unable to be myself. I was too bashful and silent; it was difficult for me to remain in the present. Also, I did a poor job answering even the most basic questions. I once lost my own last name, and when I recalled it, he felt I was lying to him!

Attracting Your Man On a First Date

Here are some first date suggestions to help you overcome your fears and pique your dates’ interest:

1. Do Not Attempt to Hide Your Nerves

If you’re apprehensive on a date, don’t attempt to act otherwise. It’s also OK to confess to your date that you’re anxious in the eyes of mature and QUALITY guys. It’s much preferable, to be honest than to do a poor job of faking causation. This might put you in your mind and make it difficult to listen.

You genuinely cease being anxious when you yield to your anxieties. And you’ll feel a lot better if you acknowledge your anxieties openly and your date responds with words of relief and compassion. A decent guy will always be delighted that you are anxious while also doing all in his power to put you at ease. He wants you to feel at ease because guys understand that we are always at our best when we are confident.

2. Dress in Comfortable Clothes

Nothing is less enticing to a guy than a lady who dresses herself up and then spends the night looking VERY uncomfortably dressed.

I know 6-inch stilettos make your legs appear smaller. Also, I know you want to show off your new trim waistline in a pair of exceptionally low-rise jeans. But your date won’t think you look fantastic if you’re stumbling about in your heels and your butt crack spills out every time you reach for your drink.

Wear clothing that makes you FEEL sexy rather than things that appear good on you. When you can put on a dress or a blouse that makes you feel confident, trust me when I tell you your date won’t mind if it’s a season or two out of style.

Your gait, posture, and general carriage are all crucial to your sex appeal. When you feel self-conscious, though, confident body language is the first thing to vanish. When you wear goods that make you forget what you’re wearing and simply let him free, you’ll leave a lasting impact on his mind. Add more style to your personality by having a cigarette in your fingers, available in a cigarette box. It is true that men nowadays like stylish women enjoying cigarettes.  

3. Do Not Fill the Gaps

This is a major deal! The only thing more unappealing than a dull date is a boring date with someone who is frantically attempting to make it an enjoyable experience for you. When you volunteer to be your date’s entertainment and jump through hoops to make him enjoy his time with you, you are implicitly saying, “I know I’m not enough for you right now, but LIKE ME, LIKE ME!”

PLAY TENNIS WITH YOUR DATE. He asks a question, you respond with one of your own, and he asks another. Don’t play the role of the questioner. If he doesn’t respond and doesn’t ask you a question, but instead sits in quiet, you sit in silence as well.

Don’t be put off by the silences. Just because he isn’t saying anything doesn’t imply, he is passing judgment on you. He might be just studying his own actions. Don’t think he doesn’t like you because he’s having trouble having fun. He might just be tense and anxious. Sit back and relax as he jumps through hoops to keep you happy! Pick cigarettes from your cigarette boxes and hand over one cigarette to him to make the situation more relaxing.

4. Maintain Eye Contact

This is difficult to accomplish while chatting to date. But you have to take the time to stare into his eyes and take him in while he is speaking.

Men like being frightened by women; it’s a challenge for them, and nothing is more disconcerting than a woman looking a man in the eyes. Now, don’t stare at him or gaze at him as if he’s being examined under your critical mind’s microscope.

Look at him and offer him positive energy. When you look at him, you can see your own insecurities in his eyes. Smile at him and tell him you see the good in him and want to learn more about who he is.

5. Rub Your Neck

Place your hand on your breast bone or play with a necklace around your neck while you talk to him. This will genuinely assist you in opening up and feeling kinder and more feminine on the inside.

Sometimes we have horrible habits with our hands in everyday life that we don’t even aware we’re doing on our dates. When I’m listening, I have this habit of touching my lips. Also, sometimes, I wind up with one finger slightly up my nose. It’s not cute, and I’m sure I’ve done it on a few first dates.

Playing with your jewelry provides your hands something to do while also indicating to your date that you find him appealing. Men like demonstrating their dominance over women. It creates an intimate atmosphere at the table, allowing him to open up and feel more connected and emotional, rather than stiff and pompous.

The most essential thing to remember on a first date is that there is a guy out there who will believe you are worth loving completely. Perhaps it won’t be this person, but he exists. Knowing this might give you the confidence to be yourself and not allow your inner voices to make you feel ‘not enough,’ particularly if the date doesn’t go as planned.

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