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Factors to Consider When Buying Artificial Turf For Pets

by Uneeb Khan
artificial turf for pets

When choosing artificial turf for your pets, it is important to understand the different types. They include: Pile height, Face weight, Drainage system, Infill, and Safety. You also need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the types.

Drainage system

When buying artificial turf for pets, it’s important to consider the drainage system you’ll need. The artificial turf backing must be permeable so water can drain. Having the right drainage system is the best way to keep your pet area dry.

There are many types of turf backing to choose from. The most common is “Hole-Punched” backing, which has drainage holes in equal distances. This allows the soil in the backing to penetrate better.

Another popular option is a natural filtration system. These are usually recommended for sports turf or spaces that require a consistent cleaning. They also prevent mold and mildew from growing.

Finally, you’ll need to decide on a weed suppressor. A quality weed barrier is backed by a 15-year warranty. Choosing an inferior product may cause flooding. Greengrass is top Rated Artificial Turf  Supplier in Abu Dhabi,You can consider buying Artificial Grass For your pets.

Pile height

A pile height is a measure of the length of the tallest, uncurled fibers in a turf. Longer fibers are more springy, absorb more energy during falls, and offer more cushion.

When buying artificial turf for pets, choose a pile height that is the best fit for your lifestyle. A lower pile height is ideal for smaller dogs and children, while longer grasses are a good option for large breeds and dogs with more energy.

Choosing the right turf for your dog can be difficult. You should discuss the size of your dog with your installer and choose the right type of infill. Ideally, choose a product with infill that has antibacterial properties and has holes for drainage. This will create the best drainage system for your pet, as well as a nice-looking lawn.

Face weight

If you’re in the market for artificial grass, you might want to know the face weight of the product. This will tell you a lot about its quality and durability.

There are several variables that can affect the face weight of an artificial turf product, but the higher the face weight, the better. Higher face weights are more durable and less susceptible to matting. In addition, a heavier face weight can keep pet urine from building up on the surface.

The face weight of an artificial turf product is often measured in ounces. For a residential project, the standard face weight range is 40 to 80 ounces per square yard.

A higher face weight equates to a softer, more dense material. This is ideal for properties that have kids and pets. However, it’s important to choose a face weight that is compatible with the use to which it will be put.


There are several artificial turf infills. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to select the right one for your pets.

Rubber is a common type of infill, but it can be uncomfortable for dogs. It can also absorb odors. To combat this, a coat of antibacterial coating is recommended.

Zeolite is a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic infill. This volcanic mineral has a negative charge honeycomb molecular structure. The negatively charged design allows the zeolite to trap ammonia gasses.

Another option is antibacterial coated sand. Antibacterial coated sand has a rounded shape and provides better impact absorbency. However, this type of infill is a bit more expensive than silica sand.

You may also choose to use an organic, non-toxic infill. A few options are Enviro fill and K9 Turf Infill.

Safety concerns

When you are considering buying artificial turf for your dogs, you should know about some of the safety issues that might crop up. Make sure that you choose a brand that has an eco-friendly product that will last for a long time.

A great example of a non-toxic pet-friendly turf is SGW Enviro fill. It is made from non-toxic synthetic soil.

There are many types of infill materials to choose from. Some of the more common ones include nylon and polyethylene. Others, such as silica sand, have antimicrobial properties.

Although there is no such thing as a completely safe artificial turf, it is far less hazardous to your dog than natural grass. It is also a lot easier to maintain. Artificial turf can be hosed down to keep it looking perfect. Buy Premium Quality Artificial Turf online.

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