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Facebook engagement post ideas using videos

by Jan Sher

There are two types: Facebook groups that feel like a party without the awkward small talk and those that feel more like a no-man’s land.

You should strive to create the latter if you want to grow it. It’s essential to keep your group members engaged. The faster your Facebook group grows, the more engaged you will be.

You can keep your group members engaged by creating posts and prompts encouraging participation.

Videos are great for Facebook group engagement posts. You can target people who have watched your videos with buy facebook likes to increase your business’s visibility.

You can also make videos on Facebook with the right tools (we’ll demonstrate, which means you should use them).

These are the top engagement games, posts, and ideas that use videos.

Host a trivia game

Trivia is a great way to get people involved and gives them a dopamine rush. This makes it more likely that they will stay interested in the game.

Are you looking for Facebook engagement games that will allow your audience to interact? Trivia is the best option!

You’ve probably been to a trivia party and seen how competitive they can be. Everyone answers questions eagerly and then waits to see their scores at the end.

We have created a trivia video to help you host a trivia game on Facebook.

To give you an idea, here’s a quick example:

Once you have selected your option, Followers Pro will open our intuitive drag-and-drop video editor. Here, you can search for stock photos, videos, animations, graphics, sounds, and other elements to add to your trivia video.

Drop any content in Followers Pro’s library directly onto your video editor. You can also customize its duration and add effects!

Make a welcome video for new members.

This sets the tone for your group and encourages members to engage with content immediately.

Engage with your posts on Facebook by getting people to interact with them from the moment they join your group. They might forget all about it and not engage.

Create a welcome video to encourage new members to join your group.

Talk about:

  • Who are you?
  • They get from being part of your group
  • What can your group do to help them
  • Any group rules that you may have

Jessi Romero introduces herself in Jessi Romero’s welcome video to her Facebook group for entrepreneurs diagnosed with ADHD.

To create your welcome video, use Followers pro. A video can be made in various styles, including footage, animation, whiteboard, and a mixture of all three. You can also record yourself in Followers Pro or use our footage library for media.

These are some ways to get more engagement from your welcome video

Your video can be used as an announcement to make it easy for new members to find.

Tag new members with a “welcome message” and direct them to your welcome video

Include something helpful in the video, such as an exclusive deal, and tease it in your welcome message.

Share testimonials

It’s easy to see why it works: 93% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. You can increase sales and make money on Facebook by using testimonial videos.

A testimonial video is essential for any business that sells products.

Request customers to send in their video testimonials. Followers pro can be used to:

Your logo can be added in the corner of your video to let viewers instantly recognize who the testimonial is.

You can add a title screen to your branding (such as colors or typography).

Any mistakes or unwelcome footage should be removed

Join several testimonials

Create tutorial-style videos

Tutorials can be engaging and allow you to sneak your product into the video without feeling like an advertisement.

While Facebook ads can be very effective, people still want to learn more about products through other channels than ads.

Tutorials are one way to do this.

Your group should be taught how to create a tutorial on a topic related to your niche. If possible, you can also include your product.

Organize a course/coaching class

People will view this content for many days.

Courses are another popular post idea for Facebook that you can use to spice up your group. However, tutorials can be short, but courses can contain multiple videos. To keep people interested, you can schedule the content over several days.

The Self-publishing made accessible community Facebook group allows members to take a beginner’s self-publishing course that includes prompts, worksheets, and video training.

Make your video course with Followers pro. You can record yourself and your screen to teach your group something new.

Enjoy behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage.

BTS gives your company the personal touch that customers want.

81% of consumers must trust a brand before buying from them. You can increase brand trust and engagement by creating behind-the-scenes (BTS) posts in your Facebook group. BTS is exclusive, and people love to tune in to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

Start by asking your group what areas of your company they would like to see BTS content. Once you know what your group wants, spend a day filming content.

Use Followers pro to edit, trim and splice your BTS videos after you have gathered the footage.

Catherine Howell is the owner of the Facebook Ad Hacks group, which has nearly 150,000 entrepreneurs. Her Facebook post gives a BTS glimpse into a paid summit.

Go live

You will have greater reach if you upload live videos to Facebook.

Facebook Live offers many options: Behind-the-scenes, tutorials and interviews, courses, workshops, and more.

You can download your live videos and use them in other content after you go Live.

Self-publishing was simple for community members. They took the live course videos and added them to their group guides so members could access them whenever possible.

Ask simple questions

Videos make great engagement posts ideas. We recommend that you post a mixture of content to your group.

You can create a buzz in your community by posting graphics and text on Facebook.

Make sure that your questions are easy enough for people to understand.

Polls after polls

The polls are easy to use and encourage interaction.

You can increase the engagement of your Facebook group by using polls and getting to know your audience better.

You can use polls to ask fun questions, such as the one below asking dogs if they like cuddling. Or, get feedback on new products (e.g., “What colors should we make our next product?”

Hosting a Q&A

You have the opportunity to talk directly with your audience and build a relationship.

A Q&A is another excellent idea for a Facebook group post.

Q&As will help you establish your authority on your group’s topic and allow you to have a two-way conversation and find out what questions your audience has.

This information can create new content that drives even more engagement.

Facebook offers a Q&A function to set up your Q&A session easily.

Host a GIF Challenge

GIFs allow people to communicate their ideas in a fun, creative way.

GIF Challenge is one of the most popular engagement posts on Facebook. GIFs, animated images that allow users to express themselves, are an excellent way for people to engage with Facebook groups.

Organize a giveaway or contest

It makes social media fun.

Contests have a 3.73% higher conversion rate than other calls-to-action, making this one of the best Facebook group engagement posts! https://viraltechgo.com/

Ask your audience to create a poll if you’re unsure what prize to give. The top vote item will be your prize.

Share and create graphics.

Graphics grab attention in the news feed and are more difficult to ignore than plain text posts.

To create striking graphics, you don’t have to be an expert in graphic design or technical skills. You can make beautiful graphics with free software such as Canva

Complete the blanks

Posts tagged “This or That.”

Use quotes that resonate with your audience


Below this or that post requires group members to leave comments.

Make files with your top content.

New members can enjoy your best content for many years by repurposing it into other files.

After reading our list of best engagement posts, you’ll have tons of great content for your Facebook group.

It would help if you found a way to extend the life of Facebook posts, which have a lifespan of approximately five hours.

Upload your most-popular posts to other files within your group to get the most from them. These posts are available to new members for many months and years.

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