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Expert’s 6 advices on how to choose pillow boxes for your brand

by Uneeb Khan

After successful production of an innovative product, do not skimp on the final step, i.e., packaging. It is a powerful driver when it comes to influencing purchasing conduct. Almost 4 out of 5 customers say that packaging is the sole reason why they prefer a product over another. Pillow box with window could act as a major breakthrough for your business by shaping positive customers’ perceptions. The secret to success lies in the careful selection of the design, aesthetics, and functionality for this box. Here is a breakdown of some recommendations regarding the perfect selection of this box. 

Look at the product needs:

The packaging needs tend to vary from product to product, so you must understand the needs first. Staying standard in your approach with the Kraft pillow boxes is a no wise option. Vary the style and size of the boxes as per the permissible product dimensions. A snug fit around the items would serve excellently to protect them from unwanted damage. The need to invest in protective materials or paddings would get eliminated as well through this approach. Keep the top and bottom sides of the packages flat and refrain from making them curved or pointy. Otherwise, you may face problems in shipping matters where you have to stack the packages over one another. Overall, this stratagem will help you get the packages that are not a waste and go on to please the customers. 

See the packaging ergonomics:

The ergonomics of the packaging needs to be viewed closely as they are an important part of the customer experience. Little compromise on this aspect can make it difficult for you to create a strong impression and influence the customers to promote your products. Make sure to select a design first and send it out to your customer base. This will let you see their reactions prior to starting the mass manufacturing of boxes. Several pillow boxes wholesale companies offer samples of the packaging products before sending them to the manufacturing team. Distribute these samples among your loyal client base and see whether the packaging is completely convenient or not. Also, consider their impact on the overall unboxing experience of the customers. 

Explore quality materials:

Prior to any final decision regarding the pillow packages, it is indispensable to consider the product and its journey. All the materials ranging from cardboard to E flute corrugated cardboard are excellent, but their application differs. Cardboard is more lightweight and compatible with a plethora of finishing touches and printing methods. It is also quite flexible, and one can get it folded easily, which makes it a perfect option for designing multiple box styles. It is durable and sturdy as well, but not more than the corrugated cardboard, which is made from the arched paper design. The latter material is rendered as a more favorable option when there is a need to ship bulkier items. Choose one of these materials for your pillow packaging depending on the precise product needs. 

Be in the decided budget:

As a retail brand, you need to extend your earnings and cut down the expenses as more as possible. Only then would you be able to get a greater profit to beat out your competition. The process of pillow box selection is an important one as it can help you curtail your expenditures. Make sure you do not favor the customization options that are not needed. Design optimization is equally important in this regard. Abstain from using excessive material in the box manufacturing if it is not quite the need. Also, favor the purchase of pillow boxes wholesale supplies rather than the retail ones to cut yourself a great deal. 

Think of transportation:

It is necessary to determine which shipping method you will be using before opting for the pillow packages. Each mode of transportation has its own damaging factors that can make the products lose their intactness. If you are using air freight, make sure that the pillow packaging is capable of resisting atmospheric changes. Also, it needs to be designed in a way that it can absorb the shocks and vibrations without any deformity in the structure. If it is subjected to road transport, make sure it is capable of absorbing the tensile and compressive loads. For this, you will need to choose the packaging that is reinforce and strengthened accordingly. 

Go for convincing aesthetics:

Like every other retail brand, you want your products to stand out and break through the competitive clutter. Even if there are no items identical to yours, you still want to make them grab the undivided attention of potential clients. Select the printed pillow boxes that are designed with amusing color schemes, high-definition graphics, and exciting illustrations. Also, make sure that they finished with perfect touches of raised UV, spot UV, and foil stamping. These nice little customizations will make your packages project an appeal that is irresistible for all the customers.  A lot of retail brands act hesitantly when it comes to choosing a pillow box with window. Although it requires careful consideration, the process is not difficult at all. Keeping your focus on some of the aspects can help you get a one-of-a-kind box that establishes your brand authority and extends its reach. 

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