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Everything You Must Know About Fiber Internet

by Uneeb Khan

Fiber optic internet will be the future of broadband in the coming years. Fiber optic internet technology can send data with seventy percent speed of light which is pretty impressive. The fiber optic cables are also not susceptible to severe weather conditions, as you might experience in the case of traditional cables. But the fiber internet installation process is tricky and complex. Let us learn everything about it.

How Is Fiber Optic Internet Ideal?

Fiber is ideal for multiple users for multiple reasons. With the fiber internet service: –

  • You will be able to download and upload files and data quickly.
  • It helps you get a smooth online gaming experience and video chatting with your friends and family.
  • You can back up the entire hard drive right to the cloud, including the large photos and videos in just a few minutes instead of hours.
  • You will be able to download a two hours movies in just a few seconds rather than waiting for about thirty minutes.

What are the Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet?

Why Should You Care About Fiber? It brings loads of benefits to us that the other internet technologies can not match. Let us discuss a few main advantages of it.

High Download Speeds

Fiber is one of the fastest choices for connecting your home and the devices you have. That is because it connects millions of users all over the world. Most fiber nowadays offers the speed of 1Gbps that not everyone has. It is more than what people can use even if you invite plenty of your friends at home to use the wi-fi.

Several other internet plans also reach the 1Gbps data speed but can not reach the excellence level of the fiber optic internet. The cable speeds continue to increase as the technology gets pushed to physical limits.

Symmetrical Upload Speeds

Cable download speeds are roughly equal to fiber speeds. But remember uploading on a cable connection offers only a fraction of the speed of what fiber provides. Fiber has symmetrical download and upload speeds. It simply means if you can download and upload something at the same speed as 1Gbps. Most internet activities, be it watching a video, reading something, or surfing the internet, require very little upload speed. So here, the downloading speed matters.

However, as more and more people for live video streaming services and video streaming, there has to be a really good upload speed. Nothing comes near to the amazing upload speed offered by fiber. Business fiber internet is really good if you own a business and want seamless communication and working at the workplace when it comes to the internet.


Fiber internet connections not only provide the highest advertised speeds but maintain those speeds in a much more reliable way compared to what other connections do. Other connections are vulnerable to issues such as: –

  • Cable internet is comparatively slower when there is high internet traffic in the surrounding areas.
  • DSL internet will slow down as soon as you move away from the central office of the provider.
  • Satellite internet might face some problems in case of bad weather or heavy rainfall.

Fiber internet does not face any such problems. It also does not need the high maintenance that the other internet connection types need. That means there is no big need to replace the cables again and again as you might have to do with DSL.


Fiber is one of the best internet connections you can get right now. It is also the best option for the future. Fiber uses higher frequencies as it uses light instead of electricity to transmit its data. It loses less energy over long distances. That makes it possible to carry loads of information much farther than it is physically possible with metal cables.

The fiber cables are also sometimes installed with dark fiber. Dark fibers are extra fibers that are not used initially. When the internet traffic increases in the surrounding areas, the dark fibers are turned on. They provide additional internet capacity. It eliminates the need to dig up the cables and lay the bigger ones for more capacity.

Types Of Fiber Internet Connections

There are three main types of fiber internet connections meant for your home or business.

FTTP: Fiber to the premises

FTTB: Fiber to the building

FTTN: Fiber to the node

Let us discuss what kind of fiber internet connection you need.

FTTP – It is exactly what you think it is. In the fiber internet installation process, the fiber cables run directly to your home or business. It is the only method of providing true fiber internet as the other methods will follow the procedure of combining the fiber and cable internet.

FTTB – Here, the fiber optic cables run to a building but not to the individual users in a building. Common examples of FTTP are schools, hospitals, apartments, hotels, or office buildings. The fiber connects the central point in the building. It then distributes the internet to the entire building via copper cables.

FTTN – The fiber to the node connection works similarly to FTTB. But here, instead of fiber optic cables running to the building, they directly connect to the central hub. The neighborhood will contain one particular hub for all the fiber optic users in an area.

In most cases, the user does not have to be more than 1000 feet away from the main hub. From the node to the hub, the internet comes to the houses in the building or the offices with the help of copper cables.

In smaller areas or communities in remote areas, FTTN can be combined with wi-fi so that the users can get fiber internet. Here the fiber will be built to the central hub. It will then distribute the internet to the residents of the place via wifi. It is cost-effective and a fast alternative for the internet for smaller communities.


Of course, the fiber internet installation process will only be possible with the help of a fiber optic internet provider in your area. Without the expertise, it would not be possible to access fiber internet the right way. If you are looking for someone experienced and trustworthy to provide you with fast business fiber internet, contact TeleDataICT.

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