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Essential Qualities of Highly Successful Attendance Management System

by Uneeb Khan
Attendance Management System

An attendance management system allows educational institutions to track the attendance of their students and staff. With the growing use of school management software, the system is becoming popular for its efficiency and functionality. It has revolutionized how schools, colleges, and universities used to record attendance.

Are you looking for the right attendance system? With so many attendance management systems out there, the key is to select the right one. This blog post lists the tips that will help you find the most suitable one.

Tips for choosing the right attendance management system for your school management software

Here are 14 tips that will help you in selecting a suitable attendance management system:

1. Easy integration with the existing school management software

If you already have school management software, it is easy to integrate with the attendance management system. Of all attendance systems, only a few integrate with existing school management systems effortlessly. Select one that is compatible with your educational institution.

2. Right storage capacity

While choosing an attendance management system, consider your needs first. If your educational institution has a few hundred students, then a system with a small storage capacity will be enough. If you have thousands of students, you will need a system with a huge storage capacity. Also, if you plan to expand your seat strength over a few years, it’s better to invest in a system with a larger storage capacity.

3. Can be upgraded easily

Apart from having the right storage capacitor, the attendance management system holds the potential to upgrade according to future needs. As educational institutions grow in size, they will need to upgrade several systems. If you consider expanding your seat strength or making any other changes, the system should be upgraded to accommodate the change.

4. Simple and easy to use

The traditional system of taking attendance is a time taking process. It wastes a lot of time for teachers and students. The main objective of an attendance management system is to make the process easy and simple. The process that used to take minutes could now be done in a matter of seconds. Apart from having all the intuitive features, the right attendance management system must be extremely convenient to use.

5. Biometric time tracking

In biometric time tracking, the attendance management system verifies fingerprints or other biometrics of students. The main advantage of installing a biometric time tracking system in educational institutions is that it records exact information of in-time and out-time. It also eliminates errors and proxies. Students cannot clock in on behalf of their classmates. It is extremely useful in educational institutions as both teachers and students can mark themselves present before entering classes.

6. Biometric identification time

You would not want your students and teachers to wait for long while punching in. Select a biometric identification system whose fingerprint scanners identify and record attendance in a matter of milliseconds. This will make the functioning extremely smooth and will reduce the waiting time. 

7. Look for durable features

While investing in an attendance management system, you would want it to last long. Good quality devices last for years. Make sure the hardware is durable and rugged. Select a biometric system that is equipped with durable features such as water-resistant and scratch-proof sensors.

8. Look for features for online classes

Before the pandemic, online classes were a distant dream. A majority of educational institutions did not prepare for such an unprecedented event. But now, making provisions for online classes is extremely crucial. Many institutes are keen on conducting hybrid classes. Students will go to classrooms for a certain number of days and attend online classes on the remaining days of the week. Look for features suitable for online classes and enable teachers to take attendance while teaching remotely.

9. Mobile app

A good attendance management system must have a compatible mobile app feature. This will enable teachers to take the attendance of students using their handheld devices. It will enable parents to know their children’s attendance and whereabouts.

10. Flexibility of use

The attendance management system with a mobile app should also work smoothly on tablets and other devices. This will enable teachers to take attendance and make the necessary corrections using different platforms. 

11. Robust security

A reliable attendance management software provides excellent security and stores all the attendance information safely. As the systems have students’ critical information, they need to be secure. No one can tamper or manipulate a strong attendance system.

12. Notifications to students and parents

A Harvard Kennedy School study has shown that students’ attendance improves when educational institutions communicate with parents, reducing absenteeism. The attendance management system should send attendance notifications to students and parents. It should also inform teachers and students when they forget to clock in or clock out.

13. Monitor leaves and time-offs

A good attendance management system must be capable of monitoring time-offs and leaves of students and teachers. It should also manage the applications and track the data recorded to verify them. It will enable both staff and students to plan their leaves accordingly.

14. Competitive price

Like any other product, attendance management systems also come in different price tags. The best quality ones are priced higher than the lesser quality products. The right attendance system is competitively priced and offers great value for the money invested in it. 

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In a nutshell,

The right attendance management system will enhance the efficiency of your educational institution and boost the productivity of the teachers and staff. The above tips will help you select the most suitable system for school management software. A good system will have all the above features.

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