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Eroticism Stories and Massage

by Jan Sher
Erotica stories

To properly describe the combination of massage and sex is to make a connection between it and sex. Discrimination, on the other hand, should be depicted in all aspects of massage and gender. He described massage in a brief quotation from an encyclopedic definition derived from French terminology as kneading friction. This wording has two sources, Arabic and Latin. An Arabic reference to the name diamond, which means to touch, touch and act. Although in Erotica stories also called wart, it refers to a knot used to manipulate the soft tissues of the body as a means for physical, functional, mechanical, medical, therapeutic or emotional purposes.

This intention can be a useful antidote to the dual role of massage and sex. This is called intervention. As an amalgamation of all definitions, each component is achieved by manipulating the human body through forms of pressure, structural, unstructured, static, dynamic, tension, movement and vibration. either by withdrawal process.  By application, the focal tissues are muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, connective tissue, lymphatic vessels, and some organs. Hands, fingers, elbows, forearms and feet can be used for direct physical use. It has been established that there are more than eighty types of massage.

In another brief encyclopedic definition, gender refers to the dichotomy of male and female in relation to biology and reproduction. Male-female intercourse has the ability to produce offspring through the processes of meiosis and fertilization. Both sexes show attraction and desire for each other, which shows the prevalence of massage and sex. As in the case of biological diversity, communication processes vary according to their respective forms of perception, beginning with the biological act of reproduction. When it comes to people, there are many differences in the definition of the term gender. The first difference is the clinical context of the dizygotic stage, or, in other words, the general purpose of the biological and social aspects of gender identity. Second is the biological function and its effects.

By standardizing the characteristics of massage and sex, the conclusion and its associated context can be defined as erotic massage. Again, the encyclopedic definition of this content is the application of physical techniques for the purpose of sexual stimulation, which, simply put, plays a real role in a couple’s lovemaking practice.

In the case of erotic massage, massage and sex can best be explained by increasing their effectiveness. In increasing the level of sensual pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Unlike the traditional practice, while the person receiving the massage is wrapped in a towel. The individuals, or rather the couple, engaged in mutual sexual stimulation, which is simply defined as massage and sex, are completely naked. The areas of the body targeted for massage are different from the traditional areas. Sexual and sexual massage includes the groin area and other intimate areas of the body. Such as the chest, breasts, armpits, ears, nape of the neck, as well as the anal area. As a result of such erotic application, sexual arousal is significantly stimulated and intensified.

The goals of sexual massage and sexuality practice serve twofold. Initially, libido is significantly stimulated, which increases through the erogenous zones. Second, erotic massage and sex help develop a person’s ability to sensually respond to such arousing stimuli.

Sex and sexual massage can also be divided into two phases. Which is part of the actual full act of intercourse, and climax satisfaction. In short according to Erotic magazine, massage and sex, engaging in such an arrangement, circulate the energy of arousal. It increase sensitivity, increase the level of arousal, increase satisfaction. It also help prevent premature ejaculation, prolong the duration of intimacy. works to contract and relax muscles. period of sexual arousal.

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