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Education, an important children’s right

by Uneeb Khan

Children are the carpenters, lawyers, nurses and astronauts of tomorrow. Education is necessary to ensure that children can develop now so that they can participate in society in the future.

After all, education is the foundation of everything. Good teaching material stimulates and teaches children what they are good at. Education provides norms and values, learns to work together, and develops an analytical mind and makes children into independent thinking citizens and that is vital for every society.

However, for many children it is not a foregone conclusion that they go to school. Their parents are very poor, and the school has been bombed or they have been born just as girls. Other children are on the run, or there is no school or teacher around at all.

What does Save the Children do?

Save the Children provides books and materials, trains teachers and governments and ensures that communities are aware of the importance of (vocational) education for boys and girls. We sometimes give children who have been running away for years access to education in the camps or elsewhere where they receive it. And Save the Children continues to fight to ensure that warring parties in a conflict no longer use schools as targets or as operating bases, and children can go to school safely.

In this way, education should become an inseparable part of every child’s life, wherever in the world. Children have a right to that. Will you help us with that?

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Children Eucation
Children Eucation

Every child is entitled to a comprehensive education.

Every child has the right to education under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Primary education is compulsory and should be available free of charge to every child. Secondary and vocational education should be accessible to every child, according to his or her learning level. The government must ensure an ‘inclusive’ education system based on equal opportunities. All children should feel at home and safe at school. It is important that knowledge of human rights be provided and that children go to school together – regardless of their own background or needs for help.

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